Eva Byzio - A Rare Twitter Gem.

Posted on 15th October, 2017

Eva and her Cat“In October, a maple tree before your window lights up your room like a great lamp. Even on cloudy days, its presence helps to dispel the gloom.” (John Burroughs.) A strange way to open this October’s Tweet Peep Bio, however, it is used in such a way as to introduce the latest OSGR ‘Tweet Peep’. For they are the maple tree of OSGRs Twitter and their presence dispels the October gloom (also makes the wait for The Last Jedi bearable). Yes oh followers of the Tweet Peep I am referring to a Twitter ray of sunshine, the glorious Eva Byzio. A few weeks ago she accepted the Tweet Peep call. OSGR has been following the lovely Eva for a while.


Before this bio gets going lets look at the Twitter Eva. She is a prolific Follow Friday (#FF) poster and has a legion of fans that reply. Here’s a statement – Eva posts some of the most exquisite, sexy & beautiful Geek art to grace the web. A post with a picture appears from Eva's Twitter feed and like Han finding the falcon again, the feeling of joy spreads over you. The final thing OSGR would like to say about Eva is soul. Twitter is full of lovely people and some of them are proud OSGR Tweet Peeps. Eva however has a lovely geek soul, her tweets are never patronising, you can feel Eva’s love in every exquisite tweet and her love for the Geekenverse is profound. How does OSGR know this, well there is never a tweet that leaves the reader thinking ‘h’mmm what did they mean by that?’ Eva’s Tweets leave the reader with a warm glow of Geekiness and the reader just knows they are sent with love.


A little Tweeter once told me that Twitter is full of trolls & vile creatures of the web. Well let’s dispel that Twitter myth. Hailing from the “Prairies region of Canada”, October’s Tweet Peep is introduced as Eva Byzio. This superstar of the Twitterverse explores the world through their lovely tweets and fantastic retweets or posts. As Eva says “I have never really ventured from this region except for Vancouver British Columbia.” This explains Eva’s respect of her followers and tweeters, Eva loves to engage, expanding her knowledge through her connections with people. So get comfy, pour a glass of wine and lets settle in the arms of the glowing maple tree that lights up OSGRs Twitter room.


Eva exudes a warm glow (like the lovely picture filters she applies to her personal Tweet pictures) as she settles into the Bio. OSGR pours a little wine and is instantly transported into an Italian café from the 1950’s with sunlit backgrounds and guitar music softly humming in the background. OSGR tilts the glass and in their best Dean Martin impression purrs ‘Eva tell me about yourself’. Eva adjusts her ‘cats eye’ rimmed sunglasses, “Let me see I completed my Bachelor of Arts Honours English Literature at the University of Winnipeg.” A BA in English Lit … OSGR had better watch their punctuation. “I worked as a behaviour breakthrough counsellor/service coordinator for Nutri System weight loss centres.” This relates well to Eva’s Twitter persona, Eva’s person-centred approaches translate well into to her Twitter posts. This explains why her tweets envelop the reader like Linus’s Blanket in Peanuts. Wonder what makes Eva tick “I enjoy volunteering with Canadian Blood Services and Catholic Women's League.” Eva replies with gusto and passion. ‘The circle is now complete’, from Eva’s opening foray into this Bio we can see that her Twitter persona comes from her love of people, she is a people person. Whether its exploring the world through literal prose or counselling those who want to alter behaviour or life choices, her tweets reflect this Geek Souls interests. Hang on, what are her interests. Eva laughs “I am interested and totally in love with Star Wars, Boba Fett & The Wizard of Oz.” The Italian Café fades away to be replaced with the Mos Eisley Cantina and the guitar is replaced by the rhythm of a Bass viol playing a Jizz melody. Funny thing though, Eva still has her sunglasses on?


Eva Boba :)The change of landscape reflects the tangible love of Star Wars reflected in Eva’s Tweets. ‘Why Twitter?’ OSGR leans forward like Han offering the falcons services. “Twitter is a wonderful opportunity for us to share, express and feel part of a community.”, “I am also on Google + no other sites only Twitter, my absolute favourite pastime.” You can feel Eva’s love of her Tweet Peeps and it gives the reader of her Tweets a better understanding where this lovely ladies passion comes from. A small but grey cloud passes briefly over Eva’s face and for once that glorious smile is stifled. Eva notices the quizzical look on OSGRs bio face. Eva sets her face with purpose removes the glasses and gazes past OSGR. “In 2011 when the greatest love of my Life, my Mother Longina passed away began a more challenging time for me.” OSGR remains silent. “I sustained several falls, have a scar beneath my lower lip to prove it. In April of this year had surgery through Cancer Care MB to remove a grapefruit sized mass.” OSGR continues their respectful silence. It is testament to her pure of heart nature that Eva shares these memories. It gives those that follow Eva an understanding of her resilience and attitude to life, it gives life to this quirky, enigmatic and engaging tweeter. “I still can't believe that last one, but overall am feeling very well.” Her radiant smile returns above the scar on her lower lip. “What I have learned is to with every last nerve and fibre #StandUp and If possible SMILE even just a little.” OSGR knows that Eva’s words will go into the Bio unedited and written to reflect why it is such a joy to follow Eva, it displays the honesty that is echoed within her joyous Tweets. She truly fits Burroughs quote.


Eva looks at OSGR in a way that says ‘don’t you want to know what makes my geek heart tick’. OSGR smiles back. ‘Eva have you a quote that stirs the geek in you?’ “Do or do not, there is no try hmmm” Eva quotes in her best 900 year old Jedi Master voice. “Who said that?” she fires across the table. OSGR roars with laughter, why would that be, ‘Master Yoda?’ Eva grins, “It’s my favourite quote.” ‘Of course’ I would expect no other. OSGR continues to grin whilst Eva re-applies her cat eye rimmed glasses. The OSGR Han moves to the next question. ‘Beside our shared love of Star Wars and the actors within it, who is your favourite actress and films?’ Eva nods and the Italian Cafe shimmers in the reflection of her glasses. “Sophia Loren is my favourite actress” aha the 50s Italian references reveal their true meaning. Eva presses on “and her 1955 Comedy about ‘Scandal in Sorrento’ - MAMBO ITALIANO tops my list.” The thought of Eva watching an attractive fishmonger wooing the local police chief for her home, boots the Geek persona into touch. OSGR was expecting some other staple of Geekiness. A slightly derailed OSGR leans back “Followed by Cher's Moonstruck” (a puzzled emoji face appears) Eva’s glee at OSGR’s confusion is palpable, teasingly she finishes her sentence “and....don't laugh; Old Yeller.” Silence descends over the cantina and the last note from the Bass viol echo’s away. Damn Eva really sideswiped OSGR there. The Bio was all set up for a Star Wars cantina theme. This is what Eva does she will tweet some lovely art work about Boba Fett one hour then a picture of a sultry Twi’lek the next. Eva notices the music stopping, She grins, “I usually strive to be as open and personal/personable with everyone.” The music starts up and OSGR nods re-assuming the split Martin/Han persona – man OSGR is going to need Eva’s therapy after this.


Eva adjusts her glasses like Obi Wan adjusting his robes – OSGR feels a bargain coming on. Will she offer a fair price for the trip to Alderann or even a ploy to pretend to leave her fiancé for the dashing commander (Scandal in Sorrento reference inserted – check.) Nothing of the sort (insert grinning emoji.) “I would like to go off script a little if you don’t mind” Eva flashes her barrier melting grin. “I would just like to give a little shout to some of the Twitter Community and just to say a little bit about my Twitter feeds and follows.” OSGR nods enthusiastically and drops the Martin/Han theme of the bio. “My favourite ones to follow are #StarWars Family and big thanks to their retweets, I've been honoured (and completely floored!), also to receive a few likes from Mark Hamill himself. Star Wars Art Gallery is also high on my list and Star Wars Journal.”


Again OSGR is in awe of Eva. Even when she is answering questions on a Bio about her she still wants to let her Tweet Peeps know how much she loves them.


Let’s conclude this Bio ‘Eva in OSGRs usual way – do you have a favourite Joke?’ Eva had obviously read OSGR’s Tweet Page, she leaned back and delivered the following “Smiles are contagious in a good way, not like the flu”, OSGR laughs, indeed Eva and yours is one of the most contagious. So leaving this fellow cat lover and Star Wars Geek OSGR allows the cantina music wash over them and the dusky scene fades into the background, knowing that all that follow look forward to see what Eva Posts next. One thing is for sure it will dispel the October gloom. Please follow Eva on Twitter @EByzio.

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