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Posted on 28th August, 2017

@jaysandlinwriterSeptember fast approaches with aplomb. Since the last Bio, OSGR has had the pleasure to be asked to undertake a Tweet Peep Bio for the artistic, entrepreneurial and entertaining tweeter Mr Jay Sandlin. Hailing from across the Atlantic in Florence … no, not the Italian cultural melting pot Florence (that’s the other way), Florence Alabama, although it does have a bit of culture itself with the Kennedy Douglass Center & The Indian Mound. Jay describes himself as a historian and dad who wants to become the Stan Lee of the 21st century’. Interesting – lets park that a moment. There is no doubt that Jay has a fine piece of comic styling and is the creative influence behind the superb Novel Comics an ‘Alternate History - with Superheroes’ and co conspirator on the battle grounds of the Who Would Win Podcast on itunes or Who Would Win Webcast on Zencast. He’s definitely a busy Geek. Jay has also written a new childrens book Little Wolfie of Riverhill School. From a quick sneek peek at the twitter feed Jay has been promoting this book in schools. So far it appears to be well recieved by its audiences. Just another depth to this varied author.


With such a master of creativity OSGR has decided to conduct this Bio in the style of a favourite Star Wars son – The Grand Admiral Thrawn (Mitth'raw'nuruodo for the fanboys out there). Poignant silence descends on this Tweet Peep Bio …


Doing what?? The reader cries.


The distinct feeling that OSGR has finally lost ‘it’ descends across the bio. There is a reason. OSGR has dedicated September to the blue master of strategy, Jay is a most impressive creative guy … i.e. OSGR wanted to release a little creative spurt to counter Jay’s visionary and originality. A bit of an; OSGR ‘ Who Would Win Bio’ – Jay versus Thrawn (insert into the mind OSGR in blue body paint, red contacts and an old Navy No3 dress). Hopefully this will work and in the end the reader will say, as Thrawn himself put it, “But it was so, artistically done”. So let the Bio commence. Let me introduce Mr Jay Sandlin (insert emoji clapping).


The seats are set, the minds eye sees two stylish chairs one containing the well kept, smart but casual Jay, a flash of the infamous tweet avatar grin & OSGR in badly applied blue body paint, red contacts (making eyes water) and a moth eaten white (well whiteish) Naval No 3 dress uniform purchased from the local second hand clothing store. OSGR pulls at the ill fitting collar, “So Jay, to start a persons bio, the reader must know them. Not simply their body of work, but their history, philosophy, art.” (OSGR was particularly proud of this reworked ‘Rebels’ quote as the opening to the bio and the monotone delivery of the line worked well into the mind of the reader). Jay grins – this will be fun. “Where can readers of this Bio find such examples of your style, your work, your art?” www.thenovelcomics.com is a good place to start, but I would prefer people to have a look and buy the book Outbreak Mutiny to see what its about’. OSGR quickly flicks to the Amazon link, noting the great reviews; some nice artwork … people genuinely love it, ok back to the Bio. The even tone returns “History is on the move, Jay. Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. Tell me of your History” – OSGR’s mind pulls a little ‘Carlton Dance’, very pleased with that line (insert smug emoji face). ‘Well I’m an author, historian, and dad who wants to become the Stan Lee of the 21st century. I’m the founder and creator of The Novel Comics, a shared world of an alternate history with Superheroes’. Jay poises, OSGR thinks the blue streak of paint that is now running down the shoulder of the of the cream/white No 3 uniform is putting him off, or could it be the piercing red eyes (slightly damp and irritated). Jay takes a breath, ‘I love all things nerdy! I am a History Masters student with a thesis defence coming up, so I’m currently interested in the 20th Century oral history. As a nerd, I follow anything Superhero and Star Wars. I build worlds and present them to you’. OSGR Thrawn looks a little blank … a ‘Thesis Defence’, calling up the Empires records … ahh he has a thesis that he is writing a defence for, thanks goog.. oops meant 3PX Droid. It is interesting that Jay likes 20th Century oral history. His Tweets reflect that he is well read with a stylish flair that can be both serious and engaging on one hand, then witty and playful on another. OSGR loved his Batman rant a few months ago – he ended everything with ‘I am Batman’ it was extremely funny. Damn a smile has cracked the setting blue body paint.


“You may have transmitted your Tweets, Jay, but in doing so, you've given me the last piece of the puzzle. Why do you like Twitter?” (Another rebels quote is cruelly re-vamped to fit the bio questions). Jay likes this question ‘I love the interaction and mutual promotion between friends old and new. I like finding a podcast, blog, or just a feed that starts great conversation on anything GEEK.’ OSGR can see a pattern, if you see Jay as an entrepreneur or Geek Tweeter, well, as Thrawn says when catching Fulcrum in Zero Hour, “Taken separately, they mean nothing.” But when you put them together you can see this man has quite a charm about him (this is also reflected in the reviews for his comic novel), which are not always apparent with some tweeters who write or produce comics, unlike Jay they tend to fail on portraying their personality in their tweets. Jay engages, replies and does it with a smile. You go to love Twitter when you find people engaging as Jay to follow.


OSGR pauses, resets the Thrawn persona and presses on. “I've spent many hours studying Geek transmissions, Jay, and I understand the species quite well. There's no doubt at all that Jay Sandlin will appreciate a good movie or TV series. I bet I can guess the first two.” Jay nods and inwardly groans at the poorly crafted Thrawn line shoehorned above. Anyone reading Jay’s tweets can guess the first two. The third … “We shall see”. ‘Star Wars, Marvel CU,’ OSGR Thrawn puts hands under the chin (mainly to catch the blue stained tears rolling down cheeks from the awful contacts) ‘and Deadpool as a newcomer for film series.’ Aha the master of intelligence was correct. First two were a given, however Deadpool now that was a little unexpected. However, thinking of Jay’s wicked humour Deadpool fits perfectly. “A good choice commander … err I mean Jay” (OSGR has a niggling Thrawn quote trying to prise its way into this bio …) “Let us continue, TV Transmissions?” Jay looks at the ceiling, then down at the blue driplets at OSGRs feet, looks up, smiles ‘Current?’ a pause ‘The Flash and Better Call Saul.’ (Insert a Thrawn stone faced nod.) ‘Of all time: Farscape and Smallville.’ OSGR smiles (cracking of a bit of drying paint in the process.) The first two are good standard Geekenverse staples, nothing like a bit of DC and Breaking Bad prequel. However the last two, well Jay is a bit of an old Geek with a DC spin off and a Henson-esk Sci-Fi staple (still have dreams about Claudia Black and … Damn think Thrawn, THINK THRAWN!). “So Jay your knowledge of the Geek is impressive, pray tell who are your favourite actors … Both Male and Female?” OSGR is getting good at this – that sounded a pretty good Thrawn impression in the mind. Jay smiles ‘Tobey Maguire, or Lady Gaga’. Ahh Spiderman and … hang on … Lady Gaga … actor? … IMDB, damn, 3PX bring up the data file on Lady Gaga … hmm Sin City 2, couple of appearances … interesting “The Sopranos - Girl at Swimming Pool”. Well not a full body of work. Even Thrawn himself would have raised an eyebrow on that one. “My my Jay what a complex lifeform you are” (nice made up Thrawn-esk line there OSGR.) Something was still pushing.


“Finally Jay Information always matters. Bad information leads to bad tactics. Incomplete information leads to flawed strategy. Both can lead to defeat. To conclude our jigsaw of you, what's your favourite quote?” Jay looks directly into OSGRs moist red eyes, ‘I longed for a new life, so I wrote it into existence.’ Wow, that’s a great quote, even Thrawn would be proud of that one. “Is that who said it? Thrawn?” Jay’s face cracks into a grin, shaking the head ‘Me’. (insert wow emoji face), a little unhinged OSGR presses on. “What's your greatest passion?” An octave creak appears in OSGR sudo-monotone voice. Jay nods ‘World building through writing and finding the esoteric mysteries of the past. Unanswered questions provide me with a passion to find the answer.’ – The quote bank prises the Bio open and OSGR goes into a trance … “Very Impressive Jay, not only a reflection on your artistic style, passion for history but also a world builder, let me bring back another quote of yours - ‘I build worlds and present them to you.’ Is this what you said?” Jay nods. “One can concentrate so closely on the words of a sentence that one thereby misses the meaning. As can happen in any area of life. You must never lose focus on the larger landscape.” OSGR Thrawn pauses (where did that come from, OSGR is having a few personality issues at the moment. Like this blue paint is taking over, hang on what’s in this stuff??). A slightly bemused portrait sits in front of OSGR, (cough cough) “well that is to say, like this Bio demonstrates, that there is the twitter Jay and then there is the creative Jay. If you concentrate on one or the other you miss the other side not forming a complete landscape.” By looking at Jay from his answers in this bio and following him on Twitter you get a glimpse of the deeper, more sincere Jay. In effect using his influences and passions to embrace his love of the Geekdom.


This is where the Bio ends. As Jay stands OSGR Thrawn asks one last question – “Best joke?” Jay flashes the Twitter Avatar grin ‘Dad jokes only. I became a dad and looked forward to telling dad jokes.’ Perfect (insert content emoji). As Jay reaches for the door and opens it, turning and look as if to say “was it so, artistically done?” OSGR looks past …


“Can someone get me a scrubbing brush and soapy water … Oh and can someone call an emergency optometrist my eyes are on fire”.


Follow Jay on Twitter @jsandlinwriter oh and go and buy his latest childrens book Little Wolfie of Riverhill School. Geek Out.

Jay Sandlin Amazon Author PageJay Sandlin Amazon Author Page


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