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Posted on 1st May, 2017


At OSGR there is a little celebration going on after hitting over 1,200 followers on Twitter. It’s quite a humbling experience. To reflect on this achievement OSGR is humbled to bring you a special Bio from one of OSGs first and most prominent supporters of the Old Geek. Ladies and Gentlemen the unique and talented Sarah from @cautionspoilers.


Sarah was one of the first to follow OSG on Twitter. It became apparent from the off that she is a talented writer and blogger. Her website, which is the envy of many & stands head and shoulders above a lot of sites, is witty, bold and honest. Her style of reviews really entertains the reader and leaves them waiting for the next review. Hailing from the frozen North of the UK in sunny (cough cough) Newcastle (that’s the upon Tyne one (wink)). Sarah was banished to the South for, as she puts it, “wearing coats and drinking white wine spritzers”. For those not from the UK it is a difficult pun to translate – I suggest you find Paul Mackie on Twitter and ask him (big grinning emoji).


Her Website is a template for what Movie Blogs should look like. The site has Reviews, Interviews, Top Watches and an inspired section called “You What?” - you just have to read the “2016’s Best Supporting Prop” just fantastic piece of wonderment. Through this site Sarah demonstrates her love and passion for films, with a unique eye for the sublime. Sarah is not a Sci-fi Geek – oh no – she holds the title of being a Wick-e-pedia Geek. That is to say her love & knowledge of the Wickster would make Keanu hang his head in shame. She just loves the John Wick franchise. To be honest you can’t blame her they are great movies. So without little more to do here’s Sarah.


To prepare for the Bio, OSG quickly had a bit of spruce around the website, clearing away the geek clutter and sci-fi references that usually accompany the Tweet Peep Bios. Sarah was quick to point out the rules for this Bio to OSGR and if this was a measure against her work, OSG was in need of master class and quick.


Sarah’s bright smile reflects in the mind as OSG reflects on the premise for her website and passion for the silver screen. “I’m a film buff who loves baking.” Sarah reveals from this initial delve into her Bio. Ah baking, OSG remembers a tweet about the great british bake off and smiles. So what inspired you to move from buff to writer? “With my children at school now and I hit the delights of middle age, I need to become massively successful in a very short space of time” was the reply. I feel an analysis of success coming at the end of this Bio – lets park that one. “Which is why I am up til all hours reviewing films and writing weird stuff about John Wick.“ This is so true, Sarah is seen tweeting at the early hours and her body of work is impressive, most impressive (damn missed that Star Wars reference in the spruce up, let me get the hoover out for that one). From what has already been said, we know Sarah has a bit of class (refer to her reason for banishment and her penchant for white wine spritzers) OSG asked her to describe herself – “Well I’m terribly, terribly British so I don’t like to push myself forward but please go and check out my website and sign up for my newsletter now. I said NOW! Honestly. As Lady Macbeth said “stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once.” As the sentences hit the brain the reader can see Sarah’s sense of humour and why this tweeter and blogger has style & panache. OSG won’t be offended if you need to leave at this moment to check out her website, please feel free to do so its – Exeunt all but Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.


Tick tick – So Sarah whilst we are waiting why Twitter? “Twitter is fun and immediate. I’ve met some likeminded people on there (like you!).“ (OSGR blushes at the compliment). “Film Twitter can get a bit blokey at times and at night I don’t understand any of it especially if there is an American sporting event on.” OSG sighs, it is true that certain sporting events have heated Twitter up to a boiling point, the mute button has been called into play at times. But Sarah isn’t a bit of a debate a natural evolution of social media. “I don’t have time for arguments especially in 140 characters or less so I steer clear of controversies which is a shame.” Sarah avoids OSGs trap, steering away from the healthy vs non healthy debate pit (with spikes). OSGR has to agree with Sarah, some people just love to rant whether its sports, movies and even berating fans opinions, some people forget that they are in a social circle even though its not face to face. “Having said that I see a lot of crap spouted on social media so at some point I should take a week off from my website and just dive in and shout at idiots.” (insert laughing crying face emoji) They wouldn’t know what hit them!


Ah Lennox your back.


Welcome back reader - Moving to your interests Sarah, lets explore a few. “I’m interested in films, and people.” The well-written reviews and interviews on Sarah’s website express this by the bucket load. Ok what are your top 3 films (those who have just got back from Sarah’s website have already found the spoiler for this question – spoiler get it? ahh ok I’ll stick to the day job.) “Top 3 films/franchises - John Wick 1 & 2. Airplane. Arrival. Also Monty Python films, Alien films, Jane Austen films. I know - I can’t count.” There is no doubting the first, Both OSG and Sarah have had a few things to say about John Wick on Twitter – however she wins hands down. Arrival is a surprise, but a most worthy note in her top 3. There are no surprises with Airplane and Monty Python – both are wicked in the their humour and like her reviews have the comedic element of surprise. Jane Austin speaks for itself, some of the most visually stunning films based on beautifully written books – OSG didn’t mention classy once … oops.

OSGR Airplane Meme

OSG has to admit, Sarah is one of the most dedicated reviewers. Websites employ teams of people to put the output Sarah puts in to her passion. Surely she has no room for TV. Aha she has room and stop calling her Shirley (wink). “I hardly watch TV, just children’s TV with my kids. I used to like Bones when I had my babies as I’d binge watch it in the middle of the night while feeding. Also Police Squad back in the 80s, and Married with Children from the same time (especially alien and socks episode).” Loved Bones, as for Married with Children and Police Squad the reader can now see how Sarah’s mix of absurd and observational humour has influenced her writing. Sarah pauses, and ponders “And as I love Tudor history, The Tudors and Bring Up The Bodies.” Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together. Sarah’s viewing habits really demonstrate how her style, her mix of beautifully constructed reviews with an observational wit, gives real credit to her influences. However, where’s John Wick fit in?  

Sarah John Wick 2 take

With the JW question poised in the air like Poe’s blaster streak in …… where’s that pan and brush. We move on to Sarah’s Thespians of note. “Ralph Fiennes is fantastic at the moment and looks like great fun too. He’s having his comedy renaissance.” You’ve got to love a bit of Fiennes – such a great actor, completely agree with Sarah on this. “Also love Keanu Reeves when he’s John Wick” (the poised question wobbles) “and Gerard Butler when in Shakespeare and any old shit basically.” Hang on Butler in Shakespeare?? OSG needs to check that out!  As for the latter well that’s about the cut of OSGRs tastes too (insert smiley emoji).


The weary sun hath made a golden set and by the bright tract of his fiery car this Bio starts to conclude. A bit of Richard III to end with, have you any favourite quotes Sarah? “There would be loads of favourite quotes!”, “Nice Beaver!” “Thanks I just had it stuffed. Naked Gun.” Love that – “Just re-watched Sense & Sensibility and the dialogue at the beginning where the brother goes from wanting to give his sisters a decent amount of money to his wife persuading him they should actually pay him is hilarious and brilliantly written.” Exceptional writing. “Know thou, I loved the maid I married, never man sighed truer breath. But that I see thee here, thou noble thing... more dances my rapt heart than when I first my wedded mistress saw bestride my threshold. Aufidius to Coriolanus, total bromance.” Ah the dance of new friendship and expectation of likened minds, a classical quote. Good call. “People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer. But now, yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back. So you can either hand over your son or you can die screaming alongside him! John Wick (Still trying to work out a way to incorporate this into my own life without scaring anyone).” The poised question drops out of the sky. So John Wick is Sarah’s guilty pleasure, OSG is loving the thought that behind that brilliant smile lies a hidden hitwoman with a love of poised one liners. Although the truth is her passion for writing is the true John Wick behind that wicked smile. The parked analysis is unveiled. Like the 3rd Act of a Shakespearean play there is no doubt that this informed, witty and talented writer should not be successful. Her Website is a true testament to her deep passions of writing. The construct of her literary prowess is one that stands her as a great writer. Here’s hoping that this move from writing for fun matures into a successful venture. OSG has no doubt it will.


As the car moves over the horizon – Best Joke “My son’s is Why did the cow cross the road? In a jellycopter! he’s 37. He’s not really, he’s 5.  My favourites of mine on my site are my memes for John Wick 1, Lego Batman, Girl on The Train and The Witch. Or the Clooney walking on water with Bono one in my Hottest Hommes article.” (I don’t think they do ‘urinate whilst laughing’ emoji (wink)).


OSG has a confession that as for Memes the below is in the top 10 (sorry couldn’t resist and the dust pan is broken, but this is Old Sci-fi Geek territory).


Caution Spoiler The Last Jedi Meme


Please follow Sarah on Twitter @cautionspoliers and of course visit her website you will not regret it. The sun is below the horizon - Geek Out.


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