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Posted on 9th March, 2017

Andrew in Belfast Twitter AvatarMarch madness has arrived. As OSG approaches slowly to the magic 1000 followers, the tweet peeps bios continue. The latest bio offering is for a gentleman that knows more about Star Wars than OSG knows about … well being an Old Sci-fi Geek. Andrew in Belfast tumbled into OSGs periphery, when an article from Future of the force appeared on the aforesaid twitter feed. It was a well-written article from this Irish writer on Darth Vader. It struck OSG how this man’s written style flowed and engaged the reader. His writing had a lyrical quality that danced and weaved. Like a sure-footed Northern Soul shuffler on the sprung dance floor of ‘The Torch or Delta’, synchronising his body to the addictive beats. Northern Soul is also a passion of this talented writer. It doesn’t take a ‘Mensa Member’ to realise that Andrew is “from the great city of Belfast, Northern Ireland”. Yes the birthplace of the RMS Titanic, which sits on the beautiful River Lagan. Not many people outside of Belfast or Northern Ireland realise that it has some of the top aerospace and missile industries. No wonder Andrew’s eyes are always pointed to outer space. Lets follow that gaze and introduce Andrew from Belfast …


OSG was thrilled to be doing a bio on such a literal talent. There was a fair bit of sweaty palms compiling this bio (‘will it be anywhere near the standard of this guys writing’ was questioned a few times.) Andrew’s responses during this bio were both short and to the point. Like a master of Dejarik he toyed with OSGs questions, each response considered and polite. Throughout the whole bio OSG was constantly watching for when he would strike with his ‘Kintan Strider Death Gambit’ and feign weakness before striking the winning blow. Or, for those like OSG – it’s when Chewy sacrificed the yellow one before 3pio said ‘let the Wookie win’. This is not a criticism; Andrew is a very busy writer. His work can been seen on his own site astromech journal or his co-founding blog “with a group of friendsfuture of the force. It doesn’t stop there, he can also be found on other fansites on Medium including Pop Vox Culture and Cine Nation as well as Pinterest and posting on twitter, facebook etc. Andrew is also a proud supporter of the Star Wars fan base and loves interacting with like-minded geeks across the twitterverse. Well guess that’s a good thing as OSG can’t stop facey-booking and twittering about the geekdom of Sci-fi (there is hope for OSG yet as the un-follow button hasn’t been pressed by him – although he might do after reading this bio). It has to be said that this well read and educated geeks answers to OSGs simple questions were insightful into his varied tastes.


The questions were assembled like a Wookie preparing his Dejarik board. OSG tested their ‘holo’ pieces as the first question hummed in the flickering light, (the blue Houjix was sent to a tactical space on the board) ‘Andrew what are your favourite three films?’ OSG was sure they could guess at least one (insert winky emoji). Andrew drew a breath, paused and moved his yellow and red Monnok into a defensive position “Star Wars, Goodfellas and Manhattan”. OSG toyed with their holo direction button ‘Star Wars = given’. Goodfellas ‘a classic gangster movie – that is both well written and beautifully violent’ and then ‘Manhattan – A burgeoning writer’s romanticised view of New York City, who has just quit his job as a writer to concentrate on his new book’ OSG pauses and wonders if there is a hidden meaning in this Monnok defence, is the latter film a nod to Andrews own aspirations. Lets see how this plays. OSG moves their Molator into a defensive position behind Houjix ‘Interesting choices, so how does that compare with your favourite two TV shows or Series?’ Andrew starts to move his Strider across the board “The Sopranos and Veep” … The Strider moves past the Houjix and blindsides the Molator with its club killing it instantly. ‘Wow’ OSG was a little taken. Another Mafia based series (classic) and then a political comedy. Confusion descended on the Dejarik board of the bio interview. This was not the way OSG thought that these opening moves would go. Beside Star Wars the Geekometer was sitting pretty low, and this geek was not playing fair with that last Strider move. Mafia, Politics, aspiring writer and geek. This is unusual but interesting. OSG moves the yellow & green Ghhhk between the Houjix and Strider to protect their initial tactical placement ‘Those are real programmes, great depth of character and endearing TV series, was expecting a more geeky answer. A interesting choice again, do you have a favourite actor?’ Andrew twiddled his holo directional button. OSG could see him carefully contemplating his next move. The yellow Ng’ok moved swiftly across the board engaging the Ghhhk “Harrison Ford” Andrew delivered. The Ghhhk countered the Ng’oks’ thrust and despatched it with a two-claw sweep slicing it in two. The Geekometer rose swiftly. Aha a cunning ploy to try and confuse OSG, pretending not to be a geek, however the counter move was just what OSG was expecting ‘you scoundrel’. The Harrison answer displayed Andrew’s geekdom appreciation, but, something was niggling OSG and the Bothan spies of bio writing were trying to transmit something.


The Dejarik game was balanced, each player had lost one of their four pieces and had a further two pieces circling each other in the centre of the board. OSG moved into a fork manoeuvre with their K’lor’slug engaging two of Andrew’s key pieces ‘Have you a favourite quote?’ Andrew smiled wryly, his Savrip moved away from the fork “’I'd never want to be part of any club that would have someone like me as a member’ Groucho Marx via Woody Allen”. ‘Really’ OSG was off balance here, of course this was a great quote, but it was also considered to be a bit like “Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder” a comedic ‘put down’. Was Andrew showing his vulnerability? The K’lor’slug took Andrews Strider with one pincer lunge removing this key piece from the board. Yes vulnerable.


Moving the bio on OSG moved onto this titan of blog writings passions. ‘Interesting that you use a Grocho Marx quote that could be construed to show his vulnerability, especially during a tactical game. Mafia, Politics & Woody Allen films are these your greatest passion?’ Andrew leans back into a typical Han pose. “No” his lumbering Savrip starts to move “Greatest passions - Star Wars and DC comics.” His Savrip lifts up OSGs K’lor’slug and bites it in two. The ‘Kintan Strider Death Gambit’ is unleashed removing OSGs best piece. Damn this guy is more foxy than foxy the fox from Foxville in Foxchester. The Geekometer pings to the top. Damn the genre jumps, this guy smoothly flicks to and fro between them. Star Wars is littered throughout his thoughtful, well-written and knowledgeable articles. DC was a new one on OSG who had Andrew down as more of a Marvel man. ‘The DC was a surprise Andrew.’ OSG moves their Molator to intercept the Savrip but the move is defended and the Savrip quickly despatches it with a gnash of its jaws behind the Molator’s head. This was not going well.


The Bothan Spies transmission popped into the OSG mind mailbox. So why follow Andrew from Belfast. From his answers we can conclude that although he has not revealed much. He has revealed good reasons to follow him. His love of gangsters and political comedy show his steely determination to succeed and not to take himself too seriously. This is also displayed in the Groucho Marx quote in that he doesn’t need to be a member to be in a club. Recently both OSG and Andrew were part of a discussion about fans being well in OSGs words ‘Cads’ (look it up on Dr Google) to other fans. It just wasn’t cricket. This revealed that Andrew was a man with sensibilities and passion. OSG definitely approves. The last part of the Bothan’s message referred to Manhattan – the premise is a talented writer embarking onto a new adventure and OSG wonders if this is a bit like Andrew. Well they certainly have the talent. As for Star Wars – well Andrew hits the top of the Geekometer and plays a mean game of Dejarik.


‘Finally Andrew what’s your favourite joke’ OSG try’s to move their remaining piece into a more tactical position.’ Andrew looks wistfully away and presses forward on his holo controller. “’I was thrown out of NYU in my final year for cheating on my metaphysics final; I looked into the soul of the boy sitting next to me’ Woody Allen.” The Wookie roars and flips the table up before Andrew can make the final blow. Damn - a philosophical joke by the master. How can OSG compete with that! Handshakes exchanged and OSG concedes that this bio cannot do this man enough justice. OSG urges the reader to check out some of his articles and insights into the Geekenverse. Andrew you play a mean game of Dejarik (insert thumb up emoji). Follow @PopVoxCulture on Twitter. Geek Out.

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