Per Hedman – A Cartoonist from the Darkside of Twitter.

Posted on 6th March, 2017

Per Hedman TwitterAs February merges into March the mad March hares are out boxing, spring lambs are popping out and the geeks are waiting for April when Rogue One is released on DVD. OSGR has more pressing things to relish in March, you can keep the hares and lambs and … well not so much the wait for Rogue One … this OSG is bio blogging a Star Wars Fandom superstar. Per Hedman is a Swedish born Star Wars fan artist known as The Far Dark Side. His comics have sold across the world and he is gaining a legion of followers on Twitter. OSG has issue 1 and will be closely following the collection with issue 2. It was through his comics and posted tweets that OSG became aware of Per. The comic posting of The Far Dark Side is entertaining the twitterverse. This Swedish geniuses tweets are both witty and …. well dark. With a little trepidation, let OSG introduce the reader to the tweet peep superstar Per Hedman.


Firstly Per has informed OSG that his English is not as good as his Swedish. Per has given OSG a little artistic license to develop this bio and OSG has accepted the challenge. OSG was ready (although a little nervous) the bio was about to commence. Per enters, his cloak billowing behind him and ‘The Imperial March’ thundered through his portable speakers as he takes his position. The sheer presence of the Sith Lord artistic generator of the far dark side was imposed onto the bio. OSG was one force choke away from obliteration if this went wrong (OSG pauses) …. Too much artistic license? Per nods, ok lets start again. Lets get to know Per a little better. ‘Per can OSG ask, are you just on Twitter, do you have your own website’. Per ran this through google translate (this will take a while) - (pause) …. too much again? Per sighs and nods. Oh ok license is revoked. Per explains, “I only exist on the social media.” What a great way to put it ‘exist’ “My main site is Facebook." “Facebook is where I publish all of my doodles.” Doodles he calls them, strokes of genius the rest of the twitterverse calls them (no artistic license applied there). This is what intrigues OSG about Per. His ability to underplay these great little pieces of Star Wars cultural art, yes they are not Marvel standard of artistry, yes they can be off the wall and yes the humour can be dark. This combination shines the brilliance of what Per does. He takes a simple idea and gives it life. His art is rudimentary, the dialogue direct and the passion extensive in his portrayal of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. It’s this ability to portray Vader as a fundamentally flawed and vulnerable character that attracts people to his comics. It is with these thoughts OSG wanted to find out what gives Per purpose in this dedicated development of his ‘The Far Dark Side’ cartoon persona. “I love Star Wars, and I like to draw and during the last couple of years I have combined those passions.” Aha an artist with passion and purpose. “At the moment I'm consumed by making Star Wars fan-art, other than that I've a family and that takes most of my time.” OSG gave this a verbal nod. Per was a passionate family man that loved to express his geekness through art. A man with a developed sense of purpose. ‘So Per if Facebook is your main site why Twitter?’ “Its the short interactions on Twitter, since that hides my terrible English.” (insert laughs out loud emoji) A honest answer if there ever was one. Actually if you read Per’s comics you can see that his English is very good, he has great ability to use the short dialogue in his comics to portray wit and charm in his second language. Not bad a talented Geek.

The Far Dark Side Issue 1

The bio moves on ‘Per what's your top 3 favourite films or series of films?’ Per’s response is instantaneous, like the Millennium Falcon launching from Mos Eisley. “Star Wars - In the order ROTJ, ESB, SW, TFA and R1. The prequels I like, but not to the extent that I love the originals.” OSG smiled. The Far Dark Side is all about the comedic humanisation of Vader, so Per’s last statement makes sense, what a place for inspiration, the canon. A man with such imagination must gain inspiration from the old cathode tube. ‘Have you two favourite TV programmes?’ “My favourites are The Office and Arrested Development.” The response gives insight into Per’s comedic writing. Of course he would love satirical comedies. His comics are littered with satirical notes of joy. For such an inspirational artist, Per must have favourite movie stars. Per ponders – He’s a bit like Vader in his cartoons at this moment. “My knowledge of those things dwindle with each passing year, but I'll say 80s Harrison Ford.” Great choice Per, OSG was expecting David Prowse or James Earl Jones but that would be too ‘cliché’ for this giant of the comicverse.


So what things do fans need to know about Per. OSG likes to measure bios by the subjects favourite quotes. Per was to be no exception to this rule. ‘Per what’s your favourite quote?’ “Wars not make one great.” A great double layered Yoda quote. OSG is thoughtful on this reply, It’s always a difficult one to write – do you give it a question mark or full stop, is it a question or statement. Just a small thing gives real insight into Per’s cartoons. Just like Yoda, this Jedi Master of satire quotes his characters in such a way as each panel of art is given life with a pointed or thoughtful comedic quote that is double layered. In some of his cartoons, only the punctuation reveals its intent. When asking Per about this cartoon passion he replies “Do you like terrible jokes? Then come on over to The Far Dark Side where there is bad jokes all the time!” Terrible jokes – the humble Per is always evident in this bio, whether it’s dancing around OSGs questions or thoughtfully captioning his panels of joy. “I publish two joke drawings every day on Facebook (8AM/PM CET), and one each morning on twitter and Instagram.” Wow that was very exact, well he does say he’s from “a magical land called Sweden.” The punctual Swedes, a country obsessed with the law of queuing as much as the English. Now we know why he’s so punctual (insert smiley face emoji).


Moving on, as previously stated OSG owns Per’s first comic and loves it. This leads into the future of The Far Dark Side question. “My latest venture is printing some of my/peoples favourite drawings into a small comic book. I have two issues at the moment, and the goal for 2017 is to do one new issue each quarter.” (Insert wow emoji face) That’s quite a commitment, ‘why such a rigorous schedule?’ “Drawing Star Wars makes me happy.” There is no finer reason for doing what you do Per.


A last question is delivered ‘Best joke?’ Per thinks for a moment “It's a Monty Python joke from the Life of Brian.” ‘He’s not a messiah, he’s a very naughty boy’ is bouncing around the readers’ head, OSG can see it. "We are all individuals!" "I'm not..." Well that is about right, an effortless bio surprise delivered by a great cartoon writer. Geek Out.

The Far Dark Side Issue 2

Endnote – You can purchase Pers fantastic little comics through messaging him on his Facebook Page or DM’ing him on @that_phh. You won’t regret it.

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