Ads Hillier – Star Wars Podcasting Royalty and Runner :)

Posted on 26th February, 2017

Ads Hillier Twitter AvatarAs March approaches like the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace, OSGR continues with the Tweet Peeps Bio Blogs. This weekend OSG had the divine honour of interviewing Star Wars Podcasting Royalty. Yes the Jedi Temple Guard of Podcasting Ads Hillier. What a treat (insert big beaming face emoji). Ads & OSG have followed each other for a few months now. This ‘Somerset Lads’ timeline is strewn with his interests whether they be political, Star Wars related or about his beloved Liverpool FC (that’s the Liverpool Red Soccer Club in the lovely UK port city for those who don’t know.) ‘Sorry Ads had to use the word soccer’ (insert blushing emoji). However it was his love of all things ‘The Force’ that compelled OSG to follow him. Recently Ads has been entertaining his twitter followers with interesting Batman and Robin gifs. OSG needed to delve into the cryptic meaning for these ‘laugh out loud’ little pieces of geekness. So the temple steps were ascended, the OSG lightsaber handed over, Ads proverbial helmet removed, coffee poured and the interview began.


With the ball placed on the centre spot it was OSG to kick off. OSG sensed a ‘coiled tiger’ atmosphere. Was it the interview or was it because Liverpool was playing Leicester on Monday? Ben Kenobi echoed in OSG’s head ‘we must be cautious’, good advice Ben. OSG opened with the first persona-seeking question ‘Ads describe yourself in three words?’ A little direct for OSG, but this guy was a pro. “Three words to describe myself: loyal, fun & sporty.” The response was just as direct. Ooh OSG liked this, a little saber rattling at the beginning. OSG digested the response. It made sense you had to be loyal to follow Liverpool (insert winking emoji). The fun bit can be seen across Ads’ timeline and sporty, weeeellll not usually associated with a geek but definitely associated with a Temple Guard. OSG relaxed, the ‘fun’ bit was dancing on the prepared questions. This guy was ok, lets see what else he has (Batman and Robin slowed to a jog).


‘OSG has noticed you have a diverse timeline of tweets, what is the thing that compels you tweet?’ The tone of OSGs questions softened and saber extinguished. “I used to use twitter as a source of early news & follow journalists etc. I never interacted with anyone.” Well that was a surprise, Ads was one of the most supportive tweeters on OSGs timeline. What had changed? Ads pressed on “Then Star Wars reinvented itself & my use of twitter changed.” Aha, the inner geek had stepped out of the shadows and Twitter had responded. Like it. ‘How do you mean your use changed?’ This should be good; OSG knew Ads was a Star Wars Geek, so the thought of understanding his passion was to good a chance to miss. “I listen to a lot of podcasts whilst out running or commuting to work. Then I started listening to Talk Star Wars & Tumbling Saber which are Star Wars pods.” A verbal nod was inserted; it made sense that this knowledgeable Star Wars Geek would be pulled to the dark side of podcasting. “They are both now part of The Star Wars Commonwealth which is a group of excellent SW / sci-fi pods along with The Nerd Room, Generation X-Wing, Rogue Squadron & The Skyhoppers.” Hmmm sky hoppers ‘noted, need to check out The Skyhoppers’ – new one on OSG. So Ads besides Star Wars anything else you tweet about? “Liverpool FC / Sport, Running & Politics.” The ‘Politics’ response was said like Padme when she stated, “So This Is How Liberty Dies...With Thunderous Applause”, curious…Twitter timeline checked, reason found. It is a testament to Ads that his timeline is both witty and poignant. His passion for Star Wars & Liverpool are equal to his love of world politics, however, this is all done with a wicked sense of humour and balance. See why this guy is a Temple Guard. ‘So Ads how did your Podcasting kick off?’ “Well, through my tweets and other SW links I now use, I enjoy Twitter far more. Through this I have a guest slot each week on Tumbling Saber called "Ads Addition" which is great & I love being a small part of their fantastic show.” OSG agrees and has had the privilege of listening to the ‘Tumbling Saber’ podcast, a enjoyable experience for any Sci-fi geek wishing to check it out.


As OSG relaxed, this openness of response had given a real insight into Ads and his Twitter presence. With little more to do the geek questions were delivered. ‘Favourite films?’ “I'd have to loophole the fave films so that the SW, Harry Potter & LOTR are collectively chosen but my Top 3 favourite stand alone films are Shawshank, Goodfellas …” Ads paused. Hmm what could give this usually composed pro of podcasting ‘food’ for thought? OSG was intrigued. “Could be any of about 20 films! Notable top 10 mention for Real Steel - rocky style robots! What's not to like!” The air fills with OSGs laughter. Love Real Steel. Yes not everyone’s cup of tea, yes the critical people hated it – but for Geeks with heart it’s a great film. The TV series question was passed like Ben passed the saber to Luke. “Fave TV series? Special mentions for the likes of TWD, GOT, LOST & Battlestar Galactica but...” All good geek watches (the thought of GOT started OSG drooling) “The West Wing which is just superb & my favourite ever TV show. Also the main reason why I'm so interested in American Politics now.” The circle was created in the minds eye, but not complete. Surprised there was no sport in there… “Friday Night Lights - Sport, great characters & feel good! Re-watching it now” aha the circles ends are tied into a bow. OSG noticed a slight hesitation … “although possibly ask me again in 6 months & I’d choose something else.” You cannot argue with that, after GOT and others finish, there will be something new to geek out to. Maybe with a fave actor or actress “Fave Actress - Jennifer Lawrence” (insert homer voice ‘hmmm Jennifer’) “& Fave Actor - Tom Hanks.” Solid – to quote Ads, don’t think he’s ever had a bad film.


As the final act of this bio drew close there was only a few things left to ask. First was ‘Other than SW & The guys in red, anything else that lights the Vader Funeral pyre of Ads Passion?’ “Greatest passion, my children, wife & family.” You can’t beat a steadier base for the pyre than that. “I love all sci-fi generally. I collect DVDs & Blurays. I also love running as it's my source of relaxation! Back on 2nd Jan I started a personal challenge to run consecutive days. Currently at Day 55 and running out of Batman & Robin gifs to tweet!” OSG trumpeted, the source of the gifs was revealed (man that was easier than Tom Cruise in ‘A few good men’). So the running was the source of Batman and Robin gifs. Loving the link.


Like the two suns of Tatooine the final questions were setting on the final part of the bio blog. ‘What quote could possibly sum Ads up?’ “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” The Gandalf quote really sums up what is written in this bio. A lovely sentiment for all to follow.


‘What Joke would show your humour?’ “My go to joke is more interactive/ visual so I'll say instead... What did one snowman say to the other snowman? Can you smell carrots?” A classic is delivered. With a smile on OSGs face we leave the Jedi Temple Guard, knowing him a little better. The SW Twitterverse is a much better place with people like Ads in it. However, OSG counters the visual joke with ‘What do you do if you see a Spaceman? Park in it Man” ;). Follow @Adshillier you won’t regret it. Geek Out.


Screenshot of Ads Batman & Robin

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