Nygel Kirton – A Cool, Calm & Laid Back Sci-fi Geek Tweeter

Posted on 24th February, 2017

Follow Nygel on TwitterThere are times in a OSGs Twitter life when they connect with someone who’s pure Twitter presence says ‘just chill man and take it easy’. Nygel Kirton is just that man. Nygel came to OSGs tweet feed twice (after an unfortunate un-follow incident). How was this spotted – well there was a certain mania in OSGRs Twitter feed, there was no feeling of ‘take it easy’, less coolness and a distinct lack of Canadian chill. OSG investigated… damn where has Nygel gone from the list of those peeps to follow. Rectification was swift and a hastened DM was sent. The response was just what OSG was looking for “No worries.. thank you”. Ahh balance to the force was restored. Instant calmness descended on the OSGR timeline, as Nygel posted cool tweets, liked the strange but humorous OSG posts (yes they are there in the timeline somewhere). This master of the Jedi mind trick had given cool calm to the timeline. So without more to do, grab a glass, find a comfy seat and readers let me present the Canadian Prime Minister of Geek Chic Mr Nyyyygel Kirton!


With excitement pulsing through this OSG and a little bit of mania the Bio started. ‘Mr Kirton. Tell us something about you, what makes you tick?’ The dulcet tones echoed across OSGs brain, instant calm and tranquillity descended. “I love the simple things in life, such as family and good friends.” (Nice – a niggling feeling was itching at the back of the mind.) “I literally never get bored, I think each moment is precious and should be appreciated.” You know that foresaid feeling – well it was nudging OSG like Han to Finn when he spots Rey. “People say I have a calm personality.” – boom the Wookie roars. Calm… calm this man can sooth a rancour, then take it for a drink, cinema and make it regret eating a palace guard. A becalmed OSG was hypnotised, a brief shake of the head and this bio blogger pressed on. ‘Nygel what are your interests’ – OSG was imagining a cool space bar, an old Jedi, a green Greedo – Nygel wouldn’t of shot first, he would have made him holster his blaster and then made him pay his bounty. The questions response was better “My interests are reading & love sci-fi books, films and TV shows.” Oh yes, the timeline on Nygel’s twitter give credence to the cool geek this guy is. His no nonsense response continued “I also like to work out. I also like astronomy and anything space related.” The response gave a brief glimpse into Nygel’s life – I bet he sits on the Canadian Plains, under the stars, campfire blazing with a good book. “I enjoy anime as well.” Can this guy be any cooler! OSG felt bound to press on but couldn’t shake the Canadian night image.


After a quick swig of Nygel’s calm, OSG continued. ‘Why Twitter?’ “I like that twitter connects you with people from all over the world, it's interesting to connect with people who share your interests.” This was as good as answer as any, however this calm geek legend made it sound like almost matter of fact. OSG wanted to delve more. ‘Favourite films?’ “My favourite films are The Shawshank Redemption and Legends of the Fall.” A cool choice both films are inspirational and thought provoking. So where is the Geek? “Favourite series is Star Wars.” Boom there you are Chewy. Again balance was restored the Geek waved the little empire flag (insert relieved emoji face). The TV series question was poised and like Hans blaster slipped from under the table, blasting towards this calm Sci-fi Geek. “Favourite TV series' are The Originals, Dark Matter, The Expanse, Defiance and The Big Bang Theory.” Like Poe’s blaster bolt against Kylo, OSG hung in the air. Wow they are really geeky Sci-fi shows. This man is not only cool, but also passionate for Sci-fi. OSG was very impressed. ‘Actor or Actress?’ (Kylo released the bolt) “Joseph Morgan (The Originals).” Hang on isn’t that the guy from the Immortals … IMDB revealed OSGs suspicion. A British actor – OSG approves :).


Nygel started this short bio blog as a cool Sci-fi dude, but the reality was better. Readers can see why OSG was missing such a calm influence on the timeline. For such a cool dude a favourite quote must be equal to his persona. "Your focus determines your reality. (Star Wars).” Damn not only is this guy as cool as Qui-Gon Jinn, but, OSG is certain you read that in Qui-Gon’s voice. Dare the reader not to read all Nygel’s answers in Qui-Gon’s voice now :).


Final part of the interview loomed, OSG knew that just writing this bio had made them a little cooler. ‘Nygel tell the readers what makes you tick (I bet the clock goes ‘yeh, like .. tick’ every second). “I'm a loyal friend and I listen to people's point of view. I try to see things from other people's perspective. My greatest passion is my faith in God, as well as everyone is worthy of kindness.” Readers, now you are a little cooler after reading that. Not only is Nygel a super cool & calm Sci-fi Geek, his depth and feeling give a ‘Jedi like’ purpose to this mans passions. OSG lifts a sabre in salute. ‘Finally Nygel, Favourite Joke?’ “Meme's.. I can laugh all day at them. Lol.” Well not being one to disappoint the followers here’s one just for you Sir. Follow Nygel @nigel_kirton. Enjoy and Geek Out.

Dark Matter - Just for Nygel

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