Jamie Spilsbury - A Passionate Young but Old Star Wars Geek :)

Posted on 24th February, 2017

Jamies Twitter Avatar Continuing on the Tweet Peeps blog, OSGR contacted another Tweeter of Geek Jamie Spilsbury @DrMadStudio. Jamie first emerged from the Twitter Geekenverse as a fellow lover of Star Wars. His passion was obvious to OSGR as he explained his latest foray into the convention scene at, of all places, Ellesmere Port in the UK. OSG never knew it had such an active comic-con scene. Jamie is what OSG describe as a prolific tweeter of geek from the lovely river area of Merseyside in the good old UK. Jamie has a talent for the U Tubey thing creating unique/ dynamic little vids and has known to dabble in a little Star Wars art (an inspired ‘The Last Jedi’ concept is displayed in this blog). Obviously as a passionate Young Sci-fi Geek Jamie was a must to add to the recent interviews of Tweet Peeps (yes he has nearly 25 years on this OSG (man he’s a youngling in comparison – OSG feels like Yoda (insert looking downward sad emoji :) ). So without little to do hereeeees Jamie.


‘So Jamie explain yourself to OSGR’, nothing like going straight for the jugular for this hard nosed blogger (glasses on of course, gotta keep the identity secret)). Jamie ponders, “I can be very funny and a serious guy, but I choose them for the right time and place”. Well that was an interesting opener, was expecting lover of Star Wars or a thinly veiled attempt to create an interesting persona. Nope an honest and eloquent first volley was received, (liking this guy already). An unbalanced OSG pressed on. ‘Ok nice, lets keep that in mind’ (knowing this guys from Merseyside meant OSG had to be on the proverbial toes (he might set his diddy men loose (Google it :) )). ‘What interests you Mr right time, right place?’ “I've always had an interest in films, I love rock music and going to conventions”. Aha, this information OSG knew from Jamie’s Twitter profile - maybe this guys not a shrewd as OSG thinks – rock music, pah, he’s going for the Chemical Romance or some other new wave of rock …. got him he can’t side saddle this OSG news hound. ‘Rock my young Padawan, which bands?’ “Thin Lizzy, Bryan Adams, Gerry Rafferty, Queen, Guns N' Roses and Phil Collins”, (insert startled emoji face.) ‘Pardon? Lets just rewind here ‘Thin Lizzy’??? but you’re a young Sci-fi Geek’. The air tingled in anticipation; guess this OSG news hound is more of a newsletter cat! The next question was poised, but there was a little trepidation in the air – this guy has more layers than Shreks onion. ‘So you’re an old rock fan?’, the pride was hanging in Jamie’s words. ‘So what films do you like?’ “I love Star Wars all of them including the prequels” (phew back on terra firma after the rock shock) “Favourite Disney film is The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Timothy Dalton is my favourite James Bond” – (Ok who turned off the gravity). The last two were certainly a curve ball and again demonstrated this guys love of the obscure. This was certainly a complex youngl…. No, gentleman – yes that’s right. The love of old rock and obscure Bond actors had elevated Jamie above the youngling status.

 Last Jedi Art

It may surprise readers that Jamie doesn’t watch TV anymore. But if he had to pick two TV shows from his childhood, “it would have to be Samurai Jack and Gargoyles”. OSG was intrigued, not watch TV anymore, what’s that all about? (OSG had Season 2 Rebels playing in the background, there had to be a good reason for this.) “There's far too many soaps and reality shows” Jamie chimed, “on a positive side the channels I use to watch when I was a kid were Cartoon Network, Toonami and Fox Kids”. Ahh a man after this OSGs heart, a kindred spirit is revealed - damn them soaps. A relaxed calm had now befallen the interview as the common ground had been found, Jamie had definitely played his best interview cards, he’s done with the surprises. ‘Is there any particular actor/ actress you like?’ Jamie thinks about this for at least 60 nano seconds “There's a lot of actors and actress I admire, but one of my personal favourites is the late Richard Burton (1925-1984). I'm also a huge fan of Jeff Wayne's Musical version of The War of the Worlds!”. You have to love this guy, how awesome is that! Not only one of the greatest actors of the 20th Century but arguably one of the best Rock Operas created. Who said this guy was done? Cough, cough, oh yeh it was stated earlier – this guy could give Penn and Teller a run for their money.


Learning more about Jamie was pure joy, not only has this guy got a mischievous side as displayed on his You Tube channel, but, he has a depth that is so deep he could be in a galaxy far far away. So what makes Jamie tick? The ‘favourite quote’ question was loaded and fired. “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.'' - H.P. Lovecraft” - profound and beautiful. This really demonstrates that there is more to this guy than the great Star Wars stuff he tweets or sharing his hobbies and interests on Twitter. There was a real passion and relationship with his interests. When asked what he loves about his passions, Jamie curve balls the question, shaping it to his view of the geekenverse “Going to conventions and meeting people I've always wanted to meet.” Now readers there is no firmer reason for being a geek than this.


Knowing what we now know the final question raises no surprises in the humour and thought Jamie gives. ‘Favourite Joke’, Jamie pauses, at last OSGR celebrates, a question that gives this guy a pause. “OK what about this - when I said I was a private inspector, I didn't mean to inspect people's privates parts - lol”, “I’ve just made that up”. The room echoes with OSGs laughter. Man I like that. With that resounding triumph OSG concludes this little Bio. OSG urges the reader to follow this interesting, passionate & entertaining Young but Old Sci-fi Geek. Follow Jamie on @DrMadStudio. Geek Out.

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