Paul Mackie - An insight into an Indie Film Producer on Twitter. 'Breathe' in and take in an 'Easy' insight.

Posted on 6th February, 2017

Paul Mackie - Indépendant Film ProducerToday OSGR has delved into the Twitterverse of independent film producer Paul Mackie. Pauls recent project was ‘Breathe Easy’ which OSGR had the honour to review before it hit the Film Festival scene. Paul is a gentleman born from the Scottish costal town of Dundee (home of the Antarctic explorer ship RSS Discovery – geek fact alert). From ‘North of the Wall’ this ranger moved south beyond old Hadrian’s monument to the UKs version of ‘Winterfell’, Newcastle, well just outside or as Paul puts it “Just far enough outside to justify owning a coat” (or furs).


Production type activity keeps Paul pretty busy and his website is “on the to do list and it's a very big list”. Which shows why OSGR were interested in interviewing this busy and talented producer. Since following Paul on Twitter OSGR have noticed this straight talking Scot has no problem challenging convention or speaking their mind. You can definitely say that unlike John Snow this guy definitely doesn’t ‘know nothing’, he knows lots. The northern edge and his producer drive make Paul an interesting fellow to follow (wow a bit of ‘near’ Dr Seuss).


So Paul, describe yourself? His response echoes some of his witty ironic tweets, “Tall, dark, handsome, a fantastic lover and a compulsive liar! Pretty average guy I suppose”. This is a typical response from Paul. He would be first to admit that his edgy humour in tweets, can (at times) be misconstrued by some that follow him. But this “cheap and cheerful” ‘Man from Dundee’ is as hardy as Jute, but unlike Jute doesn’t wrap itself around cotton. He stands his ground better than Mel Gibson in ‘Braveheart’ (let the festival of clichés commence) when trolled or misread. He is willing to say ‘Hey I didn’t say that, but if that’s what you think, well it’s a free world. Oh and by the way your wrong’, this no-nonsense approach has earned him a legion of followers, OSGR being one of many.


The second question comes fast - What interests you? Lets go back to Jute. Jute is a type of cloth, which was used to wrap up the more delicate cotton. Which is kind of like Paul when he reveals his interests and passions. “My first love has always been music and although it’s something I don't dedicate as much time to, as I used to. I'm still fascinated by the connection between sound and emotion”. This really shows a softer centre to this northern lad (a lord commander in the making?). A creative and emotive gentleman, whose passions are “For now it's making films. I love watching them come together from page to screen and it's just a really fun thing to be a part of really”. Again the creative Paul is presented. It’s when you look through his humorous, gritty and (when needed) straight talking Tweets and see the finesse, passion and cotton centre. You can see why he’s so respected by those that follow him on Twitter.


What does Paul like about twitter? There was no interpretation needed in his response. “I don't just like twitter, I love it. Before Twitter finding likeminded people was a chore, but now they really are just a # away. I use it to connect with filmmakers and actors from all around the U.K and indeed the world so much so; that the first film I produced was sourced entirely through Twitter. Everyone from cast and crew to artwork and sound design got involved after I tweeted the script for it and it really would never have happened without it. It's an incredibly powerful tool in that regard”. He’s not alone in this regard and the calibre of his followers is testament to this ability to truly network in a social media world.


So Paul as a producer what’s your top 3 favourite films? You can imagine this OSGs nervousness in asking such a question to a man who can develop ideas into art. The response was quite down to earth “First Blood – It's my dads favourite film as well, we must have watched it a hundred times”. A classic first choice, Johnny’s escalation and reversion to a world he understands, a cool and fitting first choice for a man who understands the prose and structure of film. The second? “The Goonies - Loved it when I was a kid and still do, it’s just a really fun film and its aged fantastically well”. Well there’s no arguing with that ‘Hey you guys!’. Finally - “True Romance - it really does have something for everybody I think and it's extremely quotable too”. Aha, not such a surprise, the black comedic crime drama, this fits right with Pauls black humour and ‘because he’s an eggplant’. (OSGs quote bot on hyperdrive tonight).


With such a diverse top 3 films, examining Pauls cross genre influences; his top 2 favourite TV series question was causing a mind drool in anticipation?

This is where we get back to twitter connecting likeminded people because I'm an old sci-fi geek myself”, Paul teased knowing that he was making OSG dance like Twi'lek at Jabbas’ Palace. “Star Trek - I love it all but, still think TOS is as good as TV gets”. ‘Wow you are an OSG’, the initial revelation was music to the ears, original series, OSG approves. So ‘swishing’ on to the second “Doctor Who - Tom Baker is my Doctor but again it’s a show that has a little bit of everything”. Excellent choice. They say you can tell a person by their Dr Who. A driven, yet eccentric Dr, Baker had a dark wit and ability to menace his enemies. Remind you of anyone? To compound this Paul reveals that his favourite actor was “Al Pacino - he's just mesmerising at times I find”, mesmerising is the right word, master of his craft is another one (or four). The choice of actor is a rounded summing up of what OSGR has revealed in this mans choices of entertainment.


With such a variety of influences, passions and drivers what could thread this together. Favourite Quote? In his enigmatic style Paul delivers a quote Pacino himself, if it wasn’t written by Dr Seuss, would of delivered in his ‘Scent of a Woman’ persona, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You”. The belief in oneself can only echo Paul’s own drive, or he just finds it catchy.


Finally – Paul what’s your favourite joke? “I'm saving that one for the next film”. Oooh the tease, like a set up for a sequel this master of the arts will leave you begging for more. Follow Paul @Paulmac708

Geek Out.

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