Evan From The Wastes - A Post-apocalyptic Tweeter with a love of Sci-fi

Posted on 5th February, 2017

From the WastesDelving into the realms of Twitter the first interview goes to one of OSGRs first followers. Evan (from the wastes) a figurative traveller of what is considered to be a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Evan is a Sci-fi Geek from Montana and describes himself as “A post-apocalyptic Howard Wolowitz trapped in the body of a 46 year old balding fat guy”. Obviously he comes after the ‘Big Bang’ (pun inserted for comic effect… (no? = post apoca.l..p…t….ic .. big bang?.. no?) oh well). Moving on…


When delving into this wasted world Evan runs a successful Website, Facebook  and Twitter account. It was from the latter that OSGR met Evan and why he is a OSGR notable Tweet Peep. His straight talking & dry sense of humour make his tweets interesting. The encyclopaedic knowledge of apocalyptic writing, film and genre conveyed through his Tweets made him an ideal interviewee. This combined with Evan’s love of Sci-fi and penchant for Star Wars, meant he, was most definitely a worthy peep to follow and interview . When asked by OSGR to describe what interests him? Evan replied “Science fiction, predominately that of the apocalyptic nature. But I'll take robots and ray guns any day as well.” A love of Robots and Ray Guns was certainly not the answer expected. OSG thought he was more into sand, wind and hairy mutated beasts. So where does this love of the wasteland come from? Evan revealed that these interests are somewhat sidelined by “I love to read and spend as much time as I can doing so, when, I'm not watching Sci-fi television shows from my childhood” ahh. This left OSGRs thoughts drifting away to the heady days of Logan’s Run and Ark II (well Old is in the title).


So Evan why Twitter? Again a surprising answer (this guy is as predictable as an ion-radiation streaming dust storm), Evan reveals “This is actually kind of hilarious as I recently ‘quit’ Twitter (not the first time and probably not the last... God, I'm pathetic!)”. OSGR were a little shocked at this revelation; surely there was more to it than this? Leave Twitter? Where would our wasteland updates come from? Evan went on to say “What I like about Twitter is the fleetingness of it (is that a word? Feels like a word, but doesn't look like one...) anyway, I like how fleeting it is (there, that's better)”. This makes sense if you delve into the psyche of post apocalypse writing or film. They are littered with anti-hero’s who engage society in a fleeting yet needing way. The presumption is this is how Evan views Twitter, polar opposites of want and need. This want aspect is revealed by Evans final thoughts on Twitter – “I like the digital friendships I've made with folks as diverse as I'd ever imagine. Some of my best friends and I are on the complete opposite side of the political and/or theological fence, but we're able to band together under our love for science fiction. That's really kind of awesome, isn't it?” Yes it is my friend, yes it is. OSG have a feeling wasteland tweets are not going anywhere soon.


Evan what’s your favourite top 3 films? Seeing Evan in the minds eye pondering this thought… will it be.. The Postman? Again, this master of intrigue and blind-siding reveals a surprising top 3. “Star Wars '77 (not A New Hope, not Special Edition, just the plain, old theatrical release from 1977). Bladerunner. Book of Eli.”… No Postman, damn. The ‘Evan’ view of the Star Wars original gives a real insight into why he is a notable peep. The no-nonsense, don’t fix want ain’t broke, really shows in the measure of his tweets. This OSG moves into the ‘queen takes bishop’ bushwack question of this virtual interview to catch this master off guard. Top 2 TV series? “Babylon 5 and the original Twilight Zone”, (insert emoji shocked face!!), this guys a pro, a sideswipe of a question that should of revealed ‘The Walking Dead’, but, noooo he goes for the classics. Exposing a selection of TV, that is, a fest-i-val of drama, Sci-fi and mystery. Well as Meat Loaf once sang ‘I wasn’t expecting that!’. OSGR were really on the backfoot here and with trepidation they lay forth the final question in this set. Favourite actor? (.. let it be Denzil from Eli, Loved Denzil in Eli…) Boom its “Denzel Washington”. Faith and balance are restored and a fantastic choice made.


Jubilant, OSGR asked Evan what is his favourite quote “For it is the doom of men that they forget. - Merlin (Excalibur)”. (Insert drooling geek face emoji’s). This man is a sure connoisseur of the classics. ‘Excalibur’, the ride through the blossom wood still sends shivers. So what makes Evan Tick, what’s his greatest passion, a man driven to roam the wastes in a hermit like persona, shunning the twitterverse at a whim and bushwacking nosey Old Sci-fi Geek interviewers, … “My wife and children” .. (Perfect!) a resounding display of the complex guy Evan is. It demonstrates that his passions may be hard-edged and distant, but it’s the love of his family that makes him tick.


Finally Evan what’s your favourite Joke “Ask me if I'm an orange” (insert laughing so hard I might need the toilet emoji), OSG tips their dome and says thank you Evan. Please follow Evan on @FromTheWastes.

Geek Out.

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Thank you so much for this, it was really fun!