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Eva Byzio - A Rare Twitter Gem.

Posted on 15th October, 2017

Eva and her Cat“In October, a maple tree before your window lights up your room like a great lamp. Even on cloudy days, its presence helps to dispel the gloom.” (John Burroughs.) A strange way to open this October’s Tweet Peep Bio, however, it is used in such a way as to introduce the latest OSGR ‘Tweet Peep’. For they are the maple tree of OSGRs Twitter and their presence dispels the October gloom (also makes the wait for The Last Jedi bearable). Yes oh followers of the Tweet Peep I am referring to a Twitter ray of sunshine, the glorious Eva Byzio. A few weeks ago she accepted the Tweet Peep call. OSGR has been following the lovely Eva for a while.


Before this bio gets going lets look at the Twitter Eva. She is a prolific Follow Friday (#FF) poster and has a legion of fans that reply. Here’s a statement – Eva posts some of the most exquisite, sexy & beautiful Geek art to grace the web. A post with a picture appears from Eva's Twitter feed and like Han finding the falcon again, the feeling of joy spreads over you. The final thing OSGR would like to say about Eva is soul. Twitter is full of lovely people and some of them are proud OSGR Tweet Peeps. Eva however has a lovely geek soul, her tweets are never patronising, you can feel Eva’s love in every exquisite tweet and her love for the Geekenverse is profound. How does OSGR know this, well there is never a tweet that leaves the reader thinking ‘h’mmm what did they mean by that?’ Eva’s Tweets leave the reader with a warm glow of Geekiness and the reader just knows they are sent with love.


A little Tweeter once told me that Twitter is full of trolls & vile creatures of the web. Well let’s dispel that Twitter myth. Hailing from the “Prairies region of Canada”, October’s Tweet Peep is introduced as Eva Byzio. This superstar of the Twitterverse explores the world through their lovely tweets and fantastic retweets or posts. As Eva says “I have never really ventured from this region except for Vancouver British Columbia.” This explains Eva’s respect of her followers and tweeters, Eva loves to engage, expanding her knowledge through her connections with people. So get comfy, pour a glass of wine and lets settle in the arms of the glowing maple tree that lights up OSGRs Twitter room.


Eva exudes a warm glow (like the lovely picture filters she applies to her personal Tweet pictures) as she settles into the Bio. OSGR pours a little wine and is instantly transported into an Italian café from the 1950’s with sunlit backgrounds and guitar music softly humming in the background. OSGR tilts the glass and in their best Dean Martin impression purrs ‘Eva tell me about yourself’. Eva adjusts her ‘cats eye’ rimmed sunglasses, “Let me see I completed my Bachelor of Arts Honours English Literature at the University of Winnipeg.” A BA in English Lit … OSGR had better watch their punctuation. “I worked as a behaviour breakthrough counsellor/service coordinator for Nutri System weight loss centres.” This relates well to Eva’s Twitter persona, Eva’s person-centred approaches translate well into to her Twitter posts. This explains why her tweets envelop the reader like Linus’s Blanket in Peanuts. Wonder what makes Eva tick “I enjoy volunteering with Canadian Blood Services and Catholic Women's League.” Eva replies with gusto and passion. ‘The circle is now complete’, from Eva’s opening foray into this Bio we can see that her Twitter persona comes from her love of people, she is a people person. Whether its exploring the world through literal prose or counselling those who want to alter behaviour or life choices, her tweets reflect this Geek Souls interests. Hang on, what are her interests. Eva laughs “I am interested and totally in love with Star Wars, Boba Fett & The Wizard of Oz.” The Italian Café fades away to be replaced with the Mos Eisley Cantina and the guitar is replaced by the rhythm of a Bass viol playing a Jizz melody. Funny thing though, Eva still has her sunglasses on?


Eva Boba :)The change of landscape reflects the tangible love of Star Wars reflected in Eva’s Tweets. ‘Why Twitter?’ OSGR leans forward like Han offering the falcons services. “Twitter is a wonderful opportunity for us to share, express and feel part of a community.”, “I am also on Google + no other sites only Twitter, my absolute favourite pastime.” You can feel Eva’s love of her Tweet Peeps and it gives the reader of her Tweets a better understanding where this lovely ladies passion comes from. A small but grey cloud passes briefly over Eva’s face and for once that glorious smile is stifled. Eva notices the quizzical look on OSGRs bio face. Eva sets her face with purpose removes the glasses and gazes past OSGR. “In 2011 when the greatest love of my Life, my Mother Longina passed away began a more challenging time for me.” OSGR remains silent. “I sustained several falls, have a scar beneath my lower lip to prove it. In April of this year had surgery through Cancer Care MB to remove a grapefruit sized mass.” OSGR continues their respectful silence. It is testament to her pure of heart nature that Eva shares these memories. It gives those that follow Eva an understanding of her resilience and attitude to life, it gives life to this quirky, enigmatic and engaging tweeter. “I still can't believe that last one, but overall am feeling very well.” Her radiant smile returns above the scar on her lower lip. “What I have learned is to with every last nerve and fibre #StandUp and If possible SMILE even just a little.” OSGR knows that Eva’s words will go into the Bio unedited and written to reflect why it is such a joy to follow Eva, it displays the honesty that is echoed within her joyous Tweets. She truly fits Burroughs quote.


Eva looks at OSGR in a way that says ‘don’t you want to know what makes my geek heart tick’. OSGR smiles back. ‘Eva have you a quote that stirs the geek in you?’ “Do or do not, there is no try hmmm” Eva quotes in her best 900 year old Jedi Master voice. “Who said that?” she fires across the table. OSGR roars with laughter, why would that be, ‘Master Yoda?’ Eva grins, “It’s my favourite quote.” ‘Of course’ I would expect no other. OSGR continues to grin whilst Eva re-applies her cat eye rimmed glasses. The OSGR Han moves to the next question. ‘Beside our shared love of Star Wars and the actors within it, who is your favourite actress and films?’ Eva nods and the Italian Cafe shimmers in the reflection of her glasses. “Sophia Loren is my favourite actress” aha the 50s Italian references reveal their true meaning. Eva presses on “and her 1955 Comedy about ‘Scandal in Sorrento’ - MAMBO ITALIANO tops my list.” The thought of Eva watching an attractive fishmonger wooing the local police chief for her home, boots the Geek persona into touch. OSGR was expecting some other staple of Geekiness. A slightly derailed OSGR leans back “Followed by Cher's Moonstruck” (a puzzled emoji face appears) Eva’s glee at OSGR’s confusion is palpable, teasingly she finishes her sentence “and....don't laugh; Old Yeller.” Silence descends over the cantina and the last note from the Bass viol echo’s away. Damn Eva really sideswiped OSGR there. The Bio was all set up for a Star Wars cantina theme. This is what Eva does she will tweet some lovely art work about Boba Fett one hour then a picture of a sultry Twi’lek the next. Eva notices the music stopping, She grins, “I usually strive to be as open and personal/personable with everyone.” The music starts up and OSGR nods re-assuming the split Martin/Han persona – man OSGR is going to need Eva’s therapy after this.


Eva adjusts her glasses like Obi Wan adjusting his robes – OSGR feels a bargain coming on. Will she offer a fair price for the trip to Alderann or even a ploy to pretend to leave her fiancé for the dashing commander (Scandal in Sorrento reference inserted – check.) Nothing of the sort (insert grinning emoji.) “I would like to go off script a little if you don’t mind” Eva flashes her barrier melting grin. “I would just like to give a little shout to some of the Twitter Community and just to say a little bit about my Twitter feeds and follows.” OSGR nods enthusiastically and drops the Martin/Han theme of the bio. “My favourite ones to follow are #StarWars Family and big thanks to their retweets, I've been honoured (and completely floored!), also to receive a few likes from Mark Hamill himself. Star Wars Art Gallery is also high on my list and Star Wars Journal.”


Again OSGR is in awe of Eva. Even when she is answering questions on a Bio about her she still wants to let her Tweet Peeps know how much she loves them.


Let’s conclude this Bio ‘Eva in OSGRs usual way – do you have a favourite Joke?’ Eva had obviously read OSGR’s Tweet Page, she leaned back and delivered the following “Smiles are contagious in a good way, not like the flu”, OSGR laughs, indeed Eva and yours is one of the most contagious. So leaving this fellow cat lover and Star Wars Geek OSGR allows the cantina music wash over them and the dusky scene fades into the background, knowing that all that follow look forward to see what Eva Posts next. One thing is for sure it will dispel the October gloom. Please follow Eva on Twitter @EByzio.

@jaysandlinwriterSeptember fast approaches with aplomb. Since the last Bio, OSGR has had the pleasure to be asked to undertake a Tweet Peep Bio for the artistic, entrepreneurial and entertaining tweeter Mr Jay Sandlin. Hailing from across the Atlantic in Florence … no, not the Italian cultural melting pot Florence (that’s the other way), Florence Alabama, although it does have a bit of culture itself with the Kennedy Douglass Center & The Indian Mound. Jay describes himself as a historian and dad who wants to become the Stan Lee of the 21st century’. Interesting – lets park that a moment. There is no doubt that Jay has a fine piece of comic styling and is the creative influence behind the superb Novel Comics an ‘Alternate History - with Superheroes’ and co conspirator on the battle grounds of the Who Would Win Podcast on itunes or Who Would Win Webcast on Zencast. He’s definitely a busy Geek. Jay has also written a new childrens book Little Wolfie of Riverhill School. From a quick sneek peek at the twitter feed Jay has been promoting this book in schools. So far it appears to be well recieved by its audiences. Just another depth to this varied author.


With such a master of creativity OSGR has decided to conduct this Bio in the style of a favourite Star Wars son – The Grand Admiral Thrawn (Mitth'raw'nuruodo for the fanboys out there). Poignant silence descends on this Tweet Peep Bio …


Doing what?? The reader cries.


The distinct feeling that OSGR has finally lost ‘it’ descends across the bio. There is a reason. OSGR has dedicated September to the blue master of strategy, Jay is a most impressive creative guy … i.e. OSGR wanted to release a little creative spurt to counter Jay’s visionary and originality. A bit of an; OSGR ‘ Who Would Win Bio’ – Jay versus Thrawn (insert into the mind OSGR in blue body paint, red contacts and an old Navy No3 dress). Hopefully this will work and in the end the reader will say, as Thrawn himself put it, “But it was so, artistically done”. So let the Bio commence. Let me introduce Mr Jay Sandlin (insert emoji clapping).


The seats are set, the minds eye sees two stylish chairs one containing the well kept, smart but casual Jay, a flash of the infamous tweet avatar grin & OSGR in badly applied blue body paint, red contacts (making eyes water) and a moth eaten white (well whiteish) Naval No 3 dress uniform purchased from the local second hand clothing store. OSGR pulls at the ill fitting collar, “So Jay, to start a persons bio, the reader must know them. Not simply their body of work, but their history, philosophy, art.” (OSGR was particularly proud of this reworked ‘Rebels’ quote as the opening to the bio and the monotone delivery of the line worked well into the mind of the reader). Jay grins – this will be fun. “Where can readers of this Bio find such examples of your style, your work, your art?” is a good place to start, but I would prefer people to have a look and buy the book Outbreak Mutiny to see what its about’. OSGR quickly flicks to the Amazon link, noting the great reviews; some nice artwork … people genuinely love it, ok back to the Bio. The even tone returns “History is on the move, Jay. Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. Tell me of your History” – OSGR’s mind pulls a little ‘Carlton Dance’, very pleased with that line (insert smug emoji face). ‘Well I’m an author, historian, and dad who wants to become the Stan Lee of the 21st century. I’m the founder and creator of The Novel Comics, a shared world of an alternate history with Superheroes’. Jay poises, OSGR thinks the blue streak of paint that is now running down the shoulder of the of the cream/white No 3 uniform is putting him off, or could it be the piercing red eyes (slightly damp and irritated). Jay takes a breath, ‘I love all things nerdy! I am a History Masters student with a thesis defence coming up, so I’m currently interested in the 20th Century oral history. As a nerd, I follow anything Superhero and Star Wars. I build worlds and present them to you’. OSGR Thrawn looks a little blank … a ‘Thesis Defence’, calling up the Empires records … ahh he has a thesis that he is writing a defence for, thanks goog.. oops meant 3PX Droid. It is interesting that Jay likes 20th Century oral history. His Tweets reflect that he is well read with a stylish flair that can be both serious and engaging on one hand, then witty and playful on another. OSGR loved his Batman rant a few months ago – he ended everything with ‘I am Batman’ it was extremely funny. Damn a smile has cracked the setting blue body paint.

“You may have transmitted your Tweets, Jay, but in doing so, you've given me the last piece of the puzzle. Why do you like Twitter?” (Another rebels quote is cruelly re-vamped to fit the bio questions). Jay likes this question ‘I love the interaction and mutual promotion between friends old and new. I like finding a podcast, blog, or just a feed that starts great conversation on anything GEEK.’ OSGR can see a pattern, if you see Jay as an entrepreneur or Geek Tweeter, well, as Thrawn says when catching Fulcrum in Zero Hour, “Taken separately, they mean nothing.” But when you put them together you can see this man has quite a charm about him (this is also reflected in the reviews for his comic novel), which are not always apparent with some tweeters who write or produce comics, unlike Jay they tend to fail on portraying their personality in their tweets. Jay engages, replies and does it with a smile. You go to love Twitter when you find people engaging as Jay to follow.


OSGR pauses, resets the Thrawn persona and presses on. “I've spent many hours studying Geek transmissions, Jay, and I understand the species quite well. There's no doubt at all that Jay Sandlin will appreciate a good movie or TV series. I bet I can guess the first two.” Jay nods and inwardly groans at the poorly crafted Thrawn line shoehorned above. Anyone reading Jay’s tweets can guess the first two. The third … “We shall see”. ‘Star Wars, Marvel CU,’ OSGR Thrawn puts hands under the chin (mainly to catch the blue stained tears rolling down cheeks from the awful contacts) ‘and Deadpool as a newcomer for film series.’ Aha the master of intelligence was correct. First two were a given, however Deadpool now that was a little unexpected. However, thinking of Jay’s wicked humour Deadpool fits perfectly. “A good choice commander … err I mean Jay” (OSGR has a niggling Thrawn quote trying to prise its way into this bio …) “Let us continue, TV Transmissions?” Jay looks at the ceiling, then down at the blue driplets at OSGRs feet, looks up, smiles ‘Current?’ a pause ‘The Flash and Better Call Saul.’ (Insert a Thrawn stone faced nod.) ‘Of all time: Farscape and Smallville.’ OSGR smiles (cracking of a bit of drying paint in the process.) The first two are good standard Geekenverse staples, nothing like a bit of DC and Breaking Bad prequel. However the last two, well Jay is a bit of an old Geek with a DC spin off and a Henson-esk Sci-Fi staple (still have dreams about Claudia Black and … Damn think Thrawn, THINK THRAWN!). “So Jay your knowledge of the Geek is impressive, pray tell who are your favourite actors … Both Male and Female?” OSGR is getting good at this – that sounded a pretty good Thrawn impression in the mind. Jay smiles ‘Tobey Maguire, or Lady Gaga’. Ahh Spiderman and … hang on … Lady Gaga … actor? … IMDB, damn, 3PX bring up the data file on Lady Gaga … hmm Sin City 2, couple of appearances … interesting “The Sopranos - Girl at Swimming Pool”. Well not a full body of work. Even Thrawn himself would have raised an eyebrow on that one. “My my Jay what a complex lifeform you are” (nice made up Thrawn-esk line there OSGR.) Something was still pushing.


“Finally Jay Information always matters. Bad information leads to bad tactics. Incomplete information leads to flawed strategy. Both can lead to defeat. To conclude our jigsaw of you, what's your favourite quote?” Jay looks directly into OSGRs moist red eyes, ‘I longed for a new life, so I wrote it into existence.’ Wow, that’s a great quote, even Thrawn would be proud of that one. “Is that who said it? Thrawn?” Jay’s face cracks into a grin, shaking the head ‘Me’. (insert wow emoji face), a little unhinged OSGR presses on. “What's your greatest passion?” An octave creak appears in OSGR sudo-monotone voice. Jay nods ‘World building through writing and finding the esoteric mysteries of the past. Unanswered questions provide me with a passion to find the answer.’ – The quote bank prises the Bio open and OSGR goes into a trance … “Very Impressive Jay, not only a reflection on your artistic style, passion for history but also a world builder, let me bring back another quote of yours - ‘I build worlds and present them to you.’ Is this what you said?” Jay nods. “One can concentrate so closely on the words of a sentence that one thereby misses the meaning. As can happen in any area of life. You must never lose focus on the larger landscape.” OSGR Thrawn pauses (where did that come from, OSGR is having a few personality issues at the moment. Like this blue paint is taking over, hang on what’s in this stuff??). A slightly bemused portrait sits in front of OSGR, (cough cough) “well that is to say, like this Bio demonstrates, that there is the twitter Jay and then there is the creative Jay. If you concentrate on one or the other you miss the other side not forming a complete landscape.” By looking at Jay from his answers in this bio and following him on Twitter you get a glimpse of the deeper, more sincere Jay. In effect using his influences and passions to embrace his love of the Geekdom.


This is where the Bio ends. As Jay stands OSGR Thrawn asks one last question – “Best joke?” Jay flashes the Twitter Avatar grin ‘Dad jokes only. I became a dad and looked forward to telling dad jokes.’ Perfect (insert content emoji). As Jay reaches for the door and opens it, turning and look as if to say “was it so, artistically done?” OSGR looks past …


“Can someone get me a scrubbing brush and soapy water … Oh and can someone call an emergency optometrist my eyes are on fire”.


Follow Jay on Twitter @jsandlinwriter oh and go and buy his latest childrens book Little Wolfie of Riverhill School. Geek Out.

Jay Sandlin Amazon Author PageJay Sandlin Amazon Author Page



At OSGR there is a little celebration going on after hitting over 1,200 followers on Twitter. It’s quite a humbling experience. To reflect on this achievement OSGR is humbled to bring you a special Bio from one of OSGs first and most prominent supporters of the Old Geek. Ladies and Gentlemen the unique and talented Sarah from @cautionspoilers.


Sarah was one of the first to follow OSG on Twitter. It became apparent from the off that she is a talented writer and blogger. Her website, which is the envy of many & stands head and shoulders above a lot of sites, is witty, bold and honest. Her style of reviews really entertains the reader and leaves them waiting for the next review. Hailing from the frozen North of the UK in sunny (cough cough) Newcastle (that’s the upon Tyne one (wink)). Sarah was banished to the South for, as she puts it, “wearing coats and drinking white wine spritzers”. For those not from the UK it is a difficult pun to translate – I suggest you find Paul Mackie on Twitter and ask him (big grinning emoji).


Her Website is a template for what Movie Blogs should look like. The site has Reviews, Interviews, Top Watches and an inspired section called “You What?” - you just have to read the “2016’s Best Supporting Prop” just fantastic piece of wonderment. Through this site Sarah demonstrates her love and passion for films, with a unique eye for the sublime. Sarah is not a Sci-fi Geek – oh no – she holds the title of being a Wick-e-pedia Geek. That is to say her love & knowledge of the Wickster would make Keanu hang his head in shame. She just loves the John Wick franchise. To be honest you can’t blame her they are great movies. So without little more to do here’s Sarah.


To prepare for the Bio, OSG quickly had a bit of spruce around the website, clearing away the geek clutter and sci-fi references that usually accompany the Tweet Peep Bios. Sarah was quick to point out the rules for this Bio to OSGR and if this was a measure against her work, OSG was in need of master class and quick.


Sarah’s bright smile reflects in the mind as OSG reflects on the premise for her website and passion for the silver screen. “I’m a film buff who loves baking.” Sarah reveals from this initial delve into her Bio. Ah baking, OSG remembers a tweet about the great british bake off and smiles. So what inspired you to move from buff to writer? “With my children at school now and I hit the delights of middle age, I need to become massively successful in a very short space of time” was the reply. I feel an analysis of success coming at the end of this Bio – lets park that one. “Which is why I am up til all hours reviewing films and writing weird stuff about John Wick.“ This is so true, Sarah is seen tweeting at the early hours and her body of work is impressive, most impressive (damn missed that Star Wars reference in the spruce up, let me get the hoover out for that one). From what has already been said, we know Sarah has a bit of class (refer to her reason for banishment and her penchant for white wine spritzers) OSG asked her to describe herself – “Well I’m terribly, terribly British so I don’t like to push myself forward but please go and check out my website and sign up for my newsletter now. I said NOW! Honestly. As Lady Macbeth said “stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once.” As the sentences hit the brain the reader can see Sarah’s sense of humour and why this tweeter and blogger has style & panache. OSG won’t be offended if you need to leave at this moment to check out her website, please feel free to do so its – Exeunt all but Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.


Tick tick – So Sarah whilst we are waiting why Twitter? “Twitter is fun and immediate. I’ve met some likeminded people on there (like you!).“ (OSGR blushes at the compliment). “Film Twitter can get a bit blokey at times and at night I don’t understand any of it especially if there is an American sporting event on.” OSG sighs, it is true that certain sporting events have heated Twitter up to a boiling point, the mute button has been called into play at times. But Sarah isn’t a bit of a debate a natural evolution of social media. “I don’t have time for arguments especially in 140 characters or less so I steer clear of controversies which is a shame.” Sarah avoids OSGs trap, steering away from the healthy vs non healthy debate pit (with spikes). OSGR has to agree with Sarah, some people just love to rant whether its sports, movies and even berating fans opinions, some people forget that they are in a social circle even though its not face to face. “Having said that I see a lot of crap spouted on social media so at some point I should take a week off from my website and just dive in and shout at idiots.” (insert laughing crying face emoji) They wouldn’t know what hit them!


Ah Lennox your back.


Welcome back reader - Moving to your interests Sarah, lets explore a few. “I’m interested in films, and people.” The well-written reviews and interviews on Sarah’s website express this by the bucket load. Ok what are your top 3 films (those who have just got back from Sarah’s website have already found the spoiler for this question – spoiler get it? ahh ok I’ll stick to the day job.) “Top 3 films/franchises - John Wick 1 & 2. Airplane. Arrival. Also Monty Python films, Alien films, Jane Austen films. I know - I can’t count.” There is no doubting the first, Both OSG and Sarah have had a few things to say about John Wick on Twitter – however she wins hands down. Arrival is a surprise, but a most worthy note in her top 3. There are no surprises with Airplane and Monty Python – both are wicked in the their humour and like her reviews have the comedic element of surprise. Jane Austin speaks for itself, some of the most visually stunning films based on beautifully written books – OSG didn’t mention classy once … oops.

OSGR Airplane Meme

OSG has to admit, Sarah is one of the most dedicated reviewers. Websites employ teams of people to put the output Sarah puts in to her passion. Surely she has no room for TV. Aha she has room and stop calling her Shirley (wink). “I hardly watch TV, just children’s TV with my kids. I used to like Bones when I had my babies as I’d binge watch it in the middle of the night while feeding. Also Police Squad back in the 80s, and Married with Children from the same time (especially alien and socks episode).” Loved Bones, as for Married with Children and Police Squad the reader can now see how Sarah’s mix of absurd and observational humour has influenced her writing. Sarah pauses, and ponders “And as I love Tudor history, The Tudors and Bring Up The Bodies.” Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together. Sarah’s viewing habits really demonstrate how her style, her mix of beautifully constructed reviews with an observational wit, gives real credit to her influences. However, where’s John Wick fit in?  

Sarah John Wick 2 take

With the JW question poised in the air like Poe’s blaster streak in …… where’s that pan and brush. We move on to Sarah’s Thespians of note. “Ralph Fiennes is fantastic at the moment and looks like great fun too. He’s having his comedy renaissance.” You’ve got to love a bit of Fiennes – such a great actor, completely agree with Sarah on this. “Also love Keanu Reeves when he’s John Wick” (the poised question wobbles) “and Gerard Butler when in Shakespeare and any old shit basically.” Hang on Butler in Shakespeare?? OSG needs to check that out!  As for the latter well that’s about the cut of OSGRs tastes too (insert smiley emoji).


The weary sun hath made a golden set and by the bright tract of his fiery car this Bio starts to conclude. A bit of Richard III to end with, have you any favourite quotes Sarah? “There would be loads of favourite quotes!”, “Nice Beaver!” “Thanks I just had it stuffed. Naked Gun.” Love that – “Just re-watched Sense & Sensibility and the dialogue at the beginning where the brother goes from wanting to give his sisters a decent amount of money to his wife persuading him they should actually pay him is hilarious and brilliantly written.” Exceptional writing. “Know thou, I loved the maid I married, never man sighed truer breath. But that I see thee here, thou noble thing... more dances my rapt heart than when I first my wedded mistress saw bestride my threshold. Aufidius to Coriolanus, total bromance.” Ah the dance of new friendship and expectation of likened minds, a classical quote. Good call. “People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer. But now, yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back. So you can either hand over your son or you can die screaming alongside him! John Wick (Still trying to work out a way to incorporate this into my own life without scaring anyone).” The poised question drops out of the sky. So John Wick is Sarah’s guilty pleasure, OSG is loving the thought that behind that brilliant smile lies a hidden hitwoman with a love of poised one liners. Although the truth is her passion for writing is the true John Wick behind that wicked smile. The parked analysis is unveiled. Like the 3rd Act of a Shakespearean play there is no doubt that this informed, witty and talented writer should not be successful. Her Website is a true testament to her deep passions of writing. The construct of her literary prowess is one that stands her as a great writer. Here’s hoping that this move from writing for fun matures into a successful venture. OSG has no doubt it will.


As the car moves over the horizon – Best Joke “My son’s is Why did the cow cross the road? In a jellycopter! he’s 37. He’s not really, he’s 5.  My favourites of mine on my site are my memes for John Wick 1, Lego Batman, Girl on The Train and The Witch. Or the Clooney walking on water with Bono one in my Hottest Hommes article.” (I don’t think they do ‘urinate whilst laughing’ emoji (wink)).


OSG has a confession that as for Memes the below is in the top 10 (sorry couldn’t resist and the dust pan is broken, but this is Old Sci-fi Geek territory).


Caution Spoiler The Last Jedi Meme


Please follow Sarah on Twitter @cautionspoliers and of course visit her website you will not regret it. The sun is below the horizon - Geek Out.


Most pictures are copyright of and can be removed on request.


pop in a box


Andrew in Belfast Twitter AvatarMarch madness has arrived. As OSG approaches slowly to the magic 1000 followers, the tweet peeps bios continue. The latest bio offering is for a gentleman that knows more about Star Wars than OSG knows about … well being an Old Sci-fi Geek. Andrew in Belfast tumbled into OSGs periphery, when an article from Future of the force appeared on the aforesaid twitter feed. It was a well-written article from this Irish writer on Darth Vader. It struck OSG how this man’s written style flowed and engaged the reader. His writing had a lyrical quality that danced and weaved. Like a sure-footed Northern Soul shuffler on the sprung dance floor of ‘The Torch or Delta’, synchronising his body to the addictive beats. Northern Soul is also a passion of this talented writer. It doesn’t take a ‘Mensa Member’ to realise that Andrew is “from the great city of Belfast, Northern Ireland”. Yes the birthplace of the RMS Titanic, which sits on the beautiful River Lagan. Not many people outside of Belfast or Northern Ireland realise that it has some of the top aerospace and missile industries. No wonder Andrew’s eyes are always pointed to outer space. Lets follow that gaze and introduce Andrew from Belfast …


OSG was thrilled to be doing a bio on such a literal talent. There was a fair bit of sweaty palms compiling this bio (‘will it be anywhere near the standard of this guys writing’ was questioned a few times.) Andrew’s responses during this bio were both short and to the point. Like a master of Dejarik he toyed with OSGs questions, each response considered and polite. Throughout the whole bio OSG was constantly watching for when he would strike with his ‘Kintan Strider Death Gambit’ and feign weakness before striking the winning blow. Or, for those like OSG – it’s when Chewy sacrificed the yellow one before 3pio said ‘let the Wookie win’. This is not a criticism; Andrew is a very busy writer. His work can been seen on his own site astromech journal or his co-founding blog “with a group of friendsfuture of the force. It doesn’t stop there, he can also be found on other fansites on Medium including Pop Vox Culture and Cine Nation as well as Pinterest and posting on twitter, facebook etc. Andrew is also a proud supporter of the Star Wars fan base and loves interacting with like-minded geeks across the twitterverse. Well guess that’s a good thing as OSG can’t stop facey-booking and twittering about the geekdom of Sci-fi (there is hope for OSG yet as the un-follow button hasn’t been pressed by him – although he might do after reading this bio). It has to be said that this well read and educated geeks answers to OSGs simple questions were insightful into his varied tastes.


The questions were assembled like a Wookie preparing his Dejarik board. OSG tested their ‘holo’ pieces as the first question hummed in the flickering light, (the blue Houjix was sent to a tactical space on the board) ‘Andrew what are your favourite three films?’ OSG was sure they could guess at least one (insert winky emoji). Andrew drew a breath, paused and moved his yellow and red Monnok into a defensive position “Star Wars, Goodfellas and Manhattan”. OSG toyed with their holo direction button ‘Star Wars = given’. Goodfellas ‘a classic gangster movie – that is both well written and beautifully violent’ and then ‘Manhattan – A burgeoning writer’s romanticised view of New York City, who has just quit his job as a writer to concentrate on his new book’ OSG pauses and wonders if there is a hidden meaning in this Monnok defence, is the latter film a nod to Andrews own aspirations. Lets see how this plays. OSG moves their Molator into a defensive position behind Houjix ‘Interesting choices, so how does that compare with your favourite two TV shows or Series?’ Andrew starts to move his Strider across the board “The Sopranos and Veep” … The Strider moves past the Houjix and blindsides the Molator with its club killing it instantly. ‘Wow’ OSG was a little taken. Another Mafia based series (classic) and then a political comedy. Confusion descended on the Dejarik board of the bio interview. This was not the way OSG thought that these opening moves would go. Beside Star Wars the Geekometer was sitting pretty low, and this geek was not playing fair with that last Strider move. Mafia, Politics, aspiring writer and geek. This is unusual but interesting. OSG moves the yellow & green Ghhhk between the Houjix and Strider to protect their initial tactical placement ‘Those are real programmes, great depth of character and endearing TV series, was expecting a more geeky answer. A interesting choice again, do you have a favourite actor?’ Andrew twiddled his holo directional button. OSG could see him carefully contemplating his next move. The yellow Ng’ok moved swiftly across the board engaging the Ghhhk “Harrison Ford” Andrew delivered. The Ghhhk countered the Ng’oks’ thrust and despatched it with a two-claw sweep slicing it in two. The Geekometer rose swiftly. Aha a cunning ploy to try and confuse OSG, pretending not to be a geek, however the counter move was just what OSG was expecting ‘you scoundrel’. The Harrison answer displayed Andrew’s geekdom appreciation, but, something was niggling OSG and the Bothan spies of bio writing were trying to transmit something.


The Dejarik game was balanced, each player had lost one of their four pieces and had a further two pieces circling each other in the centre of the board. OSG moved into a fork manoeuvre with their K’lor’slug engaging two of Andrew’s key pieces ‘Have you a favourite quote?’ Andrew smiled wryly, his Savrip moved away from the fork “’I'd never want to be part of any club that would have someone like me as a member’ Groucho Marx via Woody Allen”. ‘Really’ OSG was off balance here, of course this was a great quote, but it was also considered to be a bit like “Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder” a comedic ‘put down’. Was Andrew showing his vulnerability? The K’lor’slug took Andrews Strider with one pincer lunge removing this key piece from the board. Yes vulnerable.


Moving the bio on OSG moved onto this titan of blog writings passions. ‘Interesting that you use a Grocho Marx quote that could be construed to show his vulnerability, especially during a tactical game. Mafia, Politics & Woody Allen films are these your greatest passion?’ Andrew leans back into a typical Han pose. “No” his lumbering Savrip starts to move “Greatest passions - Star Wars and DC comics.” His Savrip lifts up OSGs K’lor’slug and bites it in two. The ‘Kintan Strider Death Gambit’ is unleashed removing OSGs best piece. Damn this guy is more foxy than foxy the fox from Foxville in Foxchester. The Geekometer pings to the top. Damn the genre jumps, this guy smoothly flicks to and fro between them. Star Wars is littered throughout his thoughtful, well-written and knowledgeable articles. DC was a new one on OSG who had Andrew down as more of a Marvel man. ‘The DC was a surprise Andrew.’ OSG moves their Molator to intercept the Savrip but the move is defended and the Savrip quickly despatches it with a gnash of its jaws behind the Molator’s head. This was not going well.


The Bothan Spies transmission popped into the OSG mind mailbox. So why follow Andrew from Belfast. From his answers we can conclude that although he has not revealed much. He has revealed good reasons to follow him. His love of gangsters and political comedy show his steely determination to succeed and not to take himself too seriously. This is also displayed in the Groucho Marx quote in that he doesn’t need to be a member to be in a club. Recently both OSG and Andrew were part of a discussion about fans being well in OSGs words ‘Cads’ (look it up on Dr Google) to other fans. It just wasn’t cricket. This revealed that Andrew was a man with sensibilities and passion. OSG definitely approves. The last part of the Bothan’s message referred to Manhattan – the premise is a talented writer embarking onto a new adventure and OSG wonders if this is a bit like Andrew. Well they certainly have the talent. As for Star Wars – well Andrew hits the top of the Geekometer and plays a mean game of Dejarik.


‘Finally Andrew what’s your favourite joke’ OSG try’s to move their remaining piece into a more tactical position.’ Andrew looks wistfully away and presses forward on his holo controller. “’I was thrown out of NYU in my final year for cheating on my metaphysics final; I looked into the soul of the boy sitting next to me’ Woody Allen.” The Wookie roars and flips the table up before Andrew can make the final blow. Damn - a philosophical joke by the master. How can OSG compete with that! Handshakes exchanged and OSG concedes that this bio cannot do this man enough justice. OSG urges the reader to check out some of his articles and insights into the Geekenverse. Andrew you play a mean game of Dejarik (insert thumb up emoji). Follow @PopVoxCulture on Twitter. Geek Out.

Per Hedman TwitterAs February merges into March the mad March hares are out boxing, spring lambs are popping out and the geeks are waiting for April when Rogue One is released on DVD. OSGR has more pressing things to relish in March, you can keep the hares and lambs and … well not so much the wait for Rogue One … this OSG is bio blogging a Star Wars Fandom superstar. Per Hedman is a Swedish born Star Wars fan artist known as The Far Dark Side. His comics have sold across the world and he is gaining a legion of followers on Twitter. OSG has issue 1 and will be closely following the collection with issue 2. It was through his comics and posted tweets that OSG became aware of Per. The comic posting of The Far Dark Side is entertaining the twitterverse. This Swedish geniuses tweets are both witty and …. well dark. With a little trepidation, let OSG introduce the reader to the tweet peep superstar Per Hedman.


Firstly Per has informed OSG that his English is not as good as his Swedish. Per has given OSG a little artistic license to develop this bio and OSG has accepted the challenge. OSG was ready (although a little nervous) the bio was about to commence. Per enters, his cloak billowing behind him and ‘The Imperial March’ thundered through his portable speakers as he takes his position. The sheer presence of the Sith Lord artistic generator of the far dark side was imposed onto the bio. OSG was one force choke away from obliteration if this went wrong (OSG pauses) …. Too much artistic license? Per nods, ok lets start again. Lets get to know Per a little better. ‘Per can OSG ask, are you just on Twitter, do you have your own website’. Per ran this through google translate (this will take a while) - (pause) …. too much again? Per sighs and nods. Oh ok license is revoked. Per explains, “I only exist on the social media.” What a great way to put it ‘exist’ “My main site is Facebook." “Facebook is where I publish all of my doodles.” Doodles he calls them, strokes of genius the rest of the twitterverse calls them (no artistic license applied there). This is what intrigues OSG about Per. His ability to underplay these great little pieces of Star Wars cultural art, yes they are not Marvel standard of artistry, yes they can be off the wall and yes the humour can be dark. This combination shines the brilliance of what Per does. He takes a simple idea and gives it life. His art is rudimentary, the dialogue direct and the passion extensive in his portrayal of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. It’s this ability to portray Vader as a fundamentally flawed and vulnerable character that attracts people to his comics. It is with these thoughts OSG wanted to find out what gives Per purpose in this dedicated development of his ‘The Far Dark Side’ cartoon persona. “I love Star Wars, and I like to draw and during the last couple of years I have combined those passions.” Aha an artist with passion and purpose. “At the moment I'm consumed by making Star Wars fan-art, other than that I've a family and that takes most of my time.” OSG gave this a verbal nod. Per was a passionate family man that loved to express his geekness through art. A man with a developed sense of purpose. ‘So Per if Facebook is your main site why Twitter?’ “Its the short interactions on Twitter, since that hides my terrible English.” (insert laughs out loud emoji) A honest answer if there ever was one. Actually if you read Per’s comics you can see that his English is very good, he has great ability to use the short dialogue in his comics to portray wit and charm in his second language. Not bad a talented Geek.

The Far Dark Side Issue 1

The bio moves on ‘Per what's your top 3 favourite films or series of films?’ Per’s response is instantaneous, like the Millennium Falcon launching from Mos Eisley. “Star Wars - In the order ROTJ, ESB, SW, TFA and R1. The prequels I like, but not to the extent that I love the originals.” OSG smiled. The Far Dark Side is all about the comedic humanisation of Vader, so Per’s last statement makes sense, what a place for inspiration, the canon. A man with such imagination must gain inspiration from the old cathode tube. ‘Have you two favourite TV programmes?’ “My favourites are The Office and Arrested Development.” The response gives insight into Per’s comedic writing. Of course he would love satirical comedies. His comics are littered with satirical notes of joy. For such an inspirational artist, Per must have favourite movie stars. Per ponders – He’s a bit like Vader in his cartoons at this moment. “My knowledge of those things dwindle with each passing year, but I'll say 80s Harrison Ford.” Great choice Per, OSG was expecting David Prowse or James Earl Jones but that would be too ‘cliché’ for this giant of the comicverse.


So what things do fans need to know about Per. OSG likes to measure bios by the subjects favourite quotes. Per was to be no exception to this rule. ‘Per what’s your favourite quote?’ “Wars not make one great.” A great double layered Yoda quote. OSG is thoughtful on this reply, It’s always a difficult one to write – do you give it a question mark or full stop, is it a question or statement. Just a small thing gives real insight into Per’s cartoons. Just like Yoda, this Jedi Master of satire quotes his characters in such a way as each panel of art is given life with a pointed or thoughtful comedic quote that is double layered. In some of his cartoons, only the punctuation reveals its intent. When asking Per about this cartoon passion he replies “Do you like terrible jokes? Then come on over to The Far Dark Side where there is bad jokes all the time!” Terrible jokes – the humble Per is always evident in this bio, whether it’s dancing around OSGs questions or thoughtfully captioning his panels of joy. “I publish two joke drawings every day on Facebook (8AM/PM CET), and one each morning on twitter and Instagram.” Wow that was very exact, well he does say he’s from “a magical land called Sweden.” The punctual Swedes, a country obsessed with the law of queuing as much as the English. Now we know why he’s so punctual (insert smiley face emoji).


Moving on, as previously stated OSG owns Per’s first comic and loves it. This leads into the future of The Far Dark Side question. “My latest venture is printing some of my/peoples favourite drawings into a small comic book. I have two issues at the moment, and the goal for 2017 is to do one new issue each quarter.” (Insert wow emoji face) That’s quite a commitment, ‘why such a rigorous schedule?’ “Drawing Star Wars makes me happy.” There is no finer reason for doing what you do Per.


A last question is delivered ‘Best joke?’ Per thinks for a moment “It's a Monty Python joke from the Life of Brian.” ‘He’s not a messiah, he’s a very naughty boy’ is bouncing around the readers’ head, OSG can see it. "We are all individuals!" "I'm not..." Well that is about right, an effortless bio surprise delivered by a great cartoon writer. Geek Out.

The Far Dark Side Issue 2

Endnote – You can purchase Pers fantastic little comics through messaging him on his Facebook Page or DM’ing him on @that_phh. You won’t regret it.

Ads Hillier Twitter AvatarAs March approaches like the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace, OSGR continues with the Tweet Peeps Bio Blogs. This weekend OSG had the divine honour of interviewing Star Wars Podcasting Royalty. Yes the Jedi Temple Guard of Podcasting Ads Hillier. What a treat (insert big beaming face emoji). Ads & OSG have followed each other for a few months now. This ‘Somerset Lads’ timeline is strewn with his interests whether they be political, Star Wars related or about his beloved Liverpool FC (that’s the Liverpool Red Soccer Club in the lovely UK port city for those who don’t know.) ‘Sorry Ads had to use the word soccer’ (insert blushing emoji). However it was his love of all things ‘The Force’ that compelled OSG to follow him. Recently Ads has been entertaining his twitter followers with interesting Batman and Robin gifs. OSG needed to delve into the cryptic meaning for these ‘laugh out loud’ little pieces of geekness. So the temple steps were ascended, the OSG lightsaber handed over, Ads proverbial helmet removed, coffee poured and the interview began.


With the ball placed on the centre spot it was OSG to kick off. OSG sensed a ‘coiled tiger’ atmosphere. Was it the interview or was it because Liverpool was playing Leicester on Monday? Ben Kenobi echoed in OSG’s head ‘we must be cautious’, good advice Ben. OSG opened with the first persona-seeking question ‘Ads describe yourself in three words?’ A little direct for OSG, but this guy was a pro. “Three words to describe myself: loyal, fun & sporty.” The response was just as direct. Ooh OSG liked this, a little saber rattling at the beginning. OSG digested the response. It made sense you had to be loyal to follow Liverpool (insert winking emoji). The fun bit can be seen across Ads’ timeline and sporty, weeeellll not usually associated with a geek but definitely associated with a Temple Guard. OSG relaxed, the ‘fun’ bit was dancing on the prepared questions. This guy was ok, lets see what else he has (Batman and Robin slowed to a jog).


‘OSG has noticed you have a diverse timeline of tweets, what is the thing that compels you tweet?’ The tone of OSGs questions softened and saber extinguished. “I used to use twitter as a source of early news & follow journalists etc. I never interacted with anyone.” Well that was a surprise, Ads was one of the most supportive tweeters on OSGs timeline. What had changed? Ads pressed on “Then Star Wars reinvented itself & my use of twitter changed.” Aha, the inner geek had stepped out of the shadows and Twitter had responded. Like it. ‘How do you mean your use changed?’ This should be good; OSG knew Ads was a Star Wars Geek, so the thought of understanding his passion was to good a chance to miss. “I listen to a lot of podcasts whilst out running or commuting to work. Then I started listening to Talk Star Wars & Tumbling Saber which are Star Wars pods.” A verbal nod was inserted; it made sense that this knowledgeable Star Wars Geek would be pulled to the dark side of podcasting. “They are both now part of The Star Wars Commonwealth which is a group of excellent SW / sci-fi pods along with The Nerd Room, Generation X-Wing, Rogue Squadron & The Skyhoppers.” Hmmm sky hoppers ‘noted, need to check out The Skyhoppers’ – new one on OSG. So Ads besides Star Wars anything else you tweet about? “Liverpool FC / Sport, Running & Politics.” The ‘Politics’ response was said like Padme when she stated, “So This Is How Liberty Dies...With Thunderous Applause”, curious…Twitter timeline checked, reason found. It is a testament to Ads that his timeline is both witty and poignant. His passion for Star Wars & Liverpool are equal to his love of world politics, however, this is all done with a wicked sense of humour and balance. See why this guy is a Temple Guard. ‘So Ads how did your Podcasting kick off?’ “Well, through my tweets and other SW links I now use, I enjoy Twitter far more. Through this I have a guest slot each week on Tumbling Saber called "Ads Addition" which is great & I love being a small part of their fantastic show.” OSG agrees and has had the privilege of listening to the ‘Tumbling Saber’ podcast, a enjoyable experience for any Sci-fi geek wishing to check it out.


As OSG relaxed, this openness of response had given a real insight into Ads and his Twitter presence. With little more to do the geek questions were delivered. ‘Favourite films?’ “I'd have to loophole the fave films so that the SW, Harry Potter & LOTR are collectively chosen but my Top 3 favourite stand alone films are Shawshank, Goodfellas …” Ads paused. Hmm what could give this usually composed pro of podcasting ‘food’ for thought? OSG was intrigued. “Could be any of about 20 films! Notable top 10 mention for Real Steel - rocky style robots! What's not to like!” The air fills with OSGs laughter. Love Real Steel. Yes not everyone’s cup of tea, yes the critical people hated it – but for Geeks with heart it’s a great film. The TV series question was passed like Ben passed the saber to Luke. “Fave TV series? Special mentions for the likes of TWD, GOT, LOST & Battlestar Galactica but...” All good geek watches (the thought of GOT started OSG drooling) “The West Wing which is just superb & my favourite ever TV show. Also the main reason why I'm so interested in American Politics now.” The circle was created in the minds eye, but not complete. Surprised there was no sport in there… “Friday Night Lights - Sport, great characters & feel good! Re-watching it now” aha the circles ends are tied into a bow. OSG noticed a slight hesitation … “although possibly ask me again in 6 months & I’d choose something else.” You cannot argue with that, after GOT and others finish, there will be something new to geek out to. Maybe with a fave actor or actress “Fave Actress - Jennifer Lawrence” (insert homer voice ‘hmmm Jennifer’) “& Fave Actor - Tom Hanks.” Solid – to quote Ads, don’t think he’s ever had a bad film.


As the final act of this bio drew close there was only a few things left to ask. First was ‘Other than SW & The guys in red, anything else that lights the Vader Funeral pyre of Ads Passion?’ “Greatest passion, my children, wife & family.” You can’t beat a steadier base for the pyre than that. “I love all sci-fi generally. I collect DVDs & Blurays. I also love running as it's my source of relaxation! Back on 2nd Jan I started a personal challenge to run consecutive days. Currently at Day 55 and running out of Batman & Robin gifs to tweet!” OSG trumpeted, the source of the gifs was revealed (man that was easier than Tom Cruise in ‘A few good men’). So the running was the source of Batman and Robin gifs. Loving the link.


Like the two suns of Tatooine the final questions were setting on the final part of the bio blog. ‘What quote could possibly sum Ads up?’ “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” The Gandalf quote really sums up what is written in this bio. A lovely sentiment for all to follow.


‘What Joke would show your humour?’ “My go to joke is more interactive/ visual so I'll say instead... What did one snowman say to the other snowman? Can you smell carrots?” A classic is delivered. With a smile on OSGs face we leave the Jedi Temple Guard, knowing him a little better. The SW Twitterverse is a much better place with people like Ads in it. However, OSG counters the visual joke with ‘What do you do if you see a Spaceman? Park in it Man” ;). Follow @Adshillier you won’t regret it. Geek Out.


Screenshot of Ads Batman & Robin

Follow Nygel on TwitterThere are times in a OSGs Twitter life when they connect with someone who’s pure Twitter presence says ‘just chill man and take it easy’. Nygel Kirton is just that man. Nygel came to OSGs tweet feed twice (after an unfortunate un-follow incident). How was this spotted – well there was a certain mania in OSGRs Twitter feed, there was no feeling of ‘take it easy’, less coolness and a distinct lack of Canadian chill. OSG investigated… damn where has Nygel gone from the list of those peeps to follow. Rectification was swift and a hastened DM was sent. The response was just what OSG was looking for “No worries.. thank you”. Ahh balance to the force was restored. Instant calmness descended on the OSGR timeline, as Nygel posted cool tweets, liked the strange but humorous OSG posts (yes they are there in the timeline somewhere). This master of the Jedi mind trick had given cool calm to the timeline. So without more to do, grab a glass, find a comfy seat and readers let me present the Canadian Prime Minister of Geek Chic Mr Nyyyygel Kirton!


With excitement pulsing through this OSG and a little bit of mania the Bio started. ‘Mr Kirton. Tell us something about you, what makes you tick?’ The dulcet tones echoed across OSGs brain, instant calm and tranquillity descended. “I love the simple things in life, such as family and good friends.” (Nice – a niggling feeling was itching at the back of the mind.) “I literally never get bored, I think each moment is precious and should be appreciated.” You know that foresaid feeling – well it was nudging OSG like Han to Finn when he spots Rey. “People say I have a calm personality.” – boom the Wookie roars. Calm… calm this man can sooth a rancour, then take it for a drink, cinema and make it regret eating a palace guard. A becalmed OSG was hypnotised, a brief shake of the head and this bio blogger pressed on. ‘Nygel what are your interests’ – OSG was imagining a cool space bar, an old Jedi, a green Greedo – Nygel wouldn’t of shot first, he would have made him holster his blaster and then made him pay his bounty. The questions response was better “My interests are reading & love sci-fi books, films and TV shows.” Oh yes, the timeline on Nygel’s twitter give credence to the cool geek this guy is. His no nonsense response continued “I also like to work out. I also like astronomy and anything space related.” The response gave a brief glimpse into Nygel’s life – I bet he sits on the Canadian Plains, under the stars, campfire blazing with a good book. “I enjoy anime as well.” Can this guy be any cooler! OSG felt bound to press on but couldn’t shake the Canadian night image.


After a quick swig of Nygel’s calm, OSG continued. ‘Why Twitter?’ “I like that twitter connects you with people from all over the world, it's interesting to connect with people who share your interests.” This was as good as answer as any, however this calm geek legend made it sound like almost matter of fact. OSG wanted to delve more. ‘Favourite films?’ “My favourite films are The Shawshank Redemption and Legends of the Fall.” A cool choice both films are inspirational and thought provoking. So where is the Geek? “Favourite series is Star Wars.” Boom there you are Chewy. Again balance was restored the Geek waved the little empire flag (insert relieved emoji face). The TV series question was poised and like Hans blaster slipped from under the table, blasting towards this calm Sci-fi Geek. “Favourite TV series' are The Originals, Dark Matter, The Expanse, Defiance and The Big Bang Theory.” Like Poe’s blaster bolt against Kylo, OSG hung in the air. Wow they are really geeky Sci-fi shows. This man is not only cool, but also passionate for Sci-fi. OSG was very impressed. ‘Actor or Actress?’ (Kylo released the bolt) “Joseph Morgan (The Originals).” Hang on isn’t that the guy from the Immortals … IMDB revealed OSGs suspicion. A British actor – OSG approves :).


Nygel started this short bio blog as a cool Sci-fi dude, but the reality was better. Readers can see why OSG was missing such a calm influence on the timeline. For such a cool dude a favourite quote must be equal to his persona. "Your focus determines your reality. (Star Wars).” Damn not only is this guy as cool as Qui-Gon Jinn, but, OSG is certain you read that in Qui-Gon’s voice. Dare the reader not to read all Nygel’s answers in Qui-Gon’s voice now :).


Final part of the interview loomed, OSG knew that just writing this bio had made them a little cooler. ‘Nygel tell the readers what makes you tick (I bet the clock goes ‘yeh, like .. tick’ every second). “I'm a loyal friend and I listen to people's point of view. I try to see things from other people's perspective. My greatest passion is my faith in God, as well as everyone is worthy of kindness.” Readers, now you are a little cooler after reading that. Not only is Nygel a super cool & calm Sci-fi Geek, his depth and feeling give a ‘Jedi like’ purpose to this mans passions. OSG lifts a sabre in salute. ‘Finally Nygel, Favourite Joke?’ “Meme's.. I can laugh all day at them. Lol.” Well not being one to disappoint the followers here’s one just for you Sir. Follow Nygel @nigel_kirton. Enjoy and Geek Out.

Dark Matter - Just for Nygel

Jamies Twitter Avatar Continuing on the Tweet Peeps blog, OSGR contacted another Tweeter of Geek Jamie Spilsbury @DrMadStudio. Jamie first emerged from the Twitter Geekenverse as a fellow lover of Star Wars. His passion was obvious to OSGR as he explained his latest foray into the convention scene at, of all places, Ellesmere Port in the UK. OSG never knew it had such an active comic-con scene. Jamie is what OSG describe as a prolific tweeter of geek from the lovely river area of Merseyside in the good old UK. Jamie has a talent for the U Tubey thing creating unique/ dynamic little vids and has known to dabble in a little Star Wars art (an inspired ‘The Last Jedi’ concept is displayed in this blog). Obviously as a passionate Young Sci-fi Geek Jamie was a must to add to the recent interviews of Tweet Peeps (yes he has nearly 25 years on this OSG (man he’s a youngling in comparison – OSG feels like Yoda (insert looking downward sad emoji :) ). So without little to do hereeeees Jamie.


‘So Jamie explain yourself to OSGR’, nothing like going straight for the jugular for this hard nosed blogger (glasses on of course, gotta keep the identity secret)). Jamie ponders, “I can be very funny and a serious guy, but I choose them for the right time and place”. Well that was an interesting opener, was expecting lover of Star Wars or a thinly veiled attempt to create an interesting persona. Nope an honest and eloquent first volley was received, (liking this guy already). An unbalanced OSG pressed on. ‘Ok nice, lets keep that in mind’ (knowing this guys from Merseyside meant OSG had to be on the proverbial toes (he might set his diddy men loose (Google it :) )). ‘What interests you Mr right time, right place?’ “I've always had an interest in films, I love rock music and going to conventions”. Aha, this information OSG knew from Jamie’s Twitter profile - maybe this guys not a shrewd as OSG thinks – rock music, pah, he’s going for the Chemical Romance or some other new wave of rock …. got him he can’t side saddle this OSG news hound. ‘Rock my young Padawan, which bands?’ “Thin Lizzy, Bryan Adams, Gerry Rafferty, Queen, Guns N' Roses and Phil Collins”, (insert startled emoji face.) ‘Pardon? Lets just rewind here ‘Thin Lizzy’??? but you’re a young Sci-fi Geek’. The air tingled in anticipation; guess this OSG news hound is more of a newsletter cat! The next question was poised, but there was a little trepidation in the air – this guy has more layers than Shreks onion. ‘So you’re an old rock fan?’, the pride was hanging in Jamie’s words. ‘So what films do you like?’ “I love Star Wars all of them including the prequels” (phew back on terra firma after the rock shock) “Favourite Disney film is The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Timothy Dalton is my favourite James Bond” – (Ok who turned off the gravity). The last two were certainly a curve ball and again demonstrated this guys love of the obscure. This was certainly a complex youngl…. No, gentleman – yes that’s right. The love of old rock and obscure Bond actors had elevated Jamie above the youngling status.

 Last Jedi Art

It may surprise readers that Jamie doesn’t watch TV anymore. But if he had to pick two TV shows from his childhood, “it would have to be Samurai Jack and Gargoyles”. OSG was intrigued, not watch TV anymore, what’s that all about? (OSG had Season 2 Rebels playing in the background, there had to be a good reason for this.) “There's far too many soaps and reality shows” Jamie chimed, “on a positive side the channels I use to watch when I was a kid were Cartoon Network, Toonami and Fox Kids”. Ahh a man after this OSGs heart, a kindred spirit is revealed - damn them soaps. A relaxed calm had now befallen the interview as the common ground had been found, Jamie had definitely played his best interview cards, he’s done with the surprises. ‘Is there any particular actor/ actress you like?’ Jamie thinks about this for at least 60 nano seconds “There's a lot of actors and actress I admire, but one of my personal favourites is the late Richard Burton (1925-1984). I'm also a huge fan of Jeff Wayne's Musical version of The War of the Worlds!”. You have to love this guy, how awesome is that! Not only one of the greatest actors of the 20th Century but arguably one of the best Rock Operas created. Who said this guy was done? Cough, cough, oh yeh it was stated earlier – this guy could give Penn and Teller a run for their money.


Learning more about Jamie was pure joy, not only has this guy got a mischievous side as displayed on his You Tube channel, but, he has a depth that is so deep he could be in a galaxy far far away. So what makes Jamie tick? The ‘favourite quote’ question was loaded and fired. “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.'' - H.P. Lovecraft” - profound and beautiful. This really demonstrates that there is more to this guy than the great Star Wars stuff he tweets or sharing his hobbies and interests on Twitter. There was a real passion and relationship with his interests. When asked what he loves about his passions, Jamie curve balls the question, shaping it to his view of the geekenverse “Going to conventions and meeting people I've always wanted to meet.” Now readers there is no firmer reason for being a geek than this.


Knowing what we now know the final question raises no surprises in the humour and thought Jamie gives. ‘Favourite Joke’, Jamie pauses, at last OSGR celebrates, a question that gives this guy a pause. “OK what about this - when I said I was a private inspector, I didn't mean to inspect people's privates parts - lol”, “I’ve just made that up”. The room echoes with OSGs laughter. Man I like that. With that resounding triumph OSG concludes this little Bio. OSG urges the reader to follow this interesting, passionate & entertaining Young but Old Sci-fi Geek. Follow Jamie on @DrMadStudio. Geek Out.

Paul Mackie - Indépendant Film ProducerToday OSGR has delved into the Twitterverse of independent film producer Paul Mackie. Pauls recent project was ‘Breathe Easy’ which OSGR had the honour to review before it hit the Film Festival scene. Paul is a gentleman born from the Scottish costal town of Dundee (home of the Antarctic explorer ship RSS Discovery – geek fact alert). From ‘North of the Wall’ this ranger moved south beyond old Hadrian’s monument to the UKs version of ‘Winterfell’, Newcastle, well just outside or as Paul puts it “Just far enough outside to justify owning a coat” (or furs).


Production type activity keeps Paul pretty busy and his website is “on the to do list and it's a very big list”. Which shows why OSGR were interested in interviewing this busy and talented producer. Since following Paul on Twitter OSGR have noticed this straight talking Scot has no problem challenging convention or speaking their mind. You can definitely say that unlike John Snow this guy definitely doesn’t ‘know nothing’, he knows lots. The northern edge and his producer drive make Paul an interesting fellow to follow (wow a bit of ‘near’ Dr Seuss).


So Paul, describe yourself? His response echoes some of his witty ironic tweets, “Tall, dark, handsome, a fantastic lover and a compulsive liar! Pretty average guy I suppose”. This is a typical response from Paul. He would be first to admit that his edgy humour in tweets, can (at times) be misconstrued by some that follow him. But this “cheap and cheerful” ‘Man from Dundee’ is as hardy as Jute, but unlike Jute doesn’t wrap itself around cotton. He stands his ground better than Mel Gibson in ‘Braveheart’ (let the festival of clichés commence) when trolled or misread. He is willing to say ‘Hey I didn’t say that, but if that’s what you think, well it’s a free world. Oh and by the way your wrong’, this no-nonsense approach has earned him a legion of followers, OSGR being one of many.


The second question comes fast - What interests you? Lets go back to Jute. Jute is a type of cloth, which was used to wrap up the more delicate cotton. Which is kind of like Paul when he reveals his interests and passions. “My first love has always been music and although it’s something I don't dedicate as much time to, as I used to. I'm still fascinated by the connection between sound and emotion”. This really shows a softer centre to this northern lad (a lord commander in the making?). A creative and emotive gentleman, whose passions are “For now it's making films. I love watching them come together from page to screen and it's just a really fun thing to be a part of really”. Again the creative Paul is presented. It’s when you look through his humorous, gritty and (when needed) straight talking Tweets and see the finesse, passion and cotton centre. You can see why he’s so respected by those that follow him on Twitter.


What does Paul like about twitter? There was no interpretation needed in his response. “I don't just like twitter, I love it. Before Twitter finding likeminded people was a chore, but now they really are just a # away. I use it to connect with filmmakers and actors from all around the U.K and indeed the world so much so; that the first film I produced was sourced entirely through Twitter. Everyone from cast and crew to artwork and sound design got involved after I tweeted the script for it and it really would never have happened without it. It's an incredibly powerful tool in that regard”. He’s not alone in this regard and the calibre of his followers is testament to this ability to truly network in a social media world.


So Paul as a producer what’s your top 3 favourite films? You can imagine this OSGs nervousness in asking such a question to a man who can develop ideas into art. The response was quite down to earth “First Blood – It's my dads favourite film as well, we must have watched it a hundred times”. A classic first choice, Johnny’s escalation and reversion to a world he understands, a cool and fitting first choice for a man who understands the prose and structure of film. The second? “The Goonies - Loved it when I was a kid and still do, it’s just a really fun film and its aged fantastically well”. Well there’s no arguing with that ‘Hey you guys!’. Finally - “True Romance - it really does have something for everybody I think and it's extremely quotable too”. Aha, not such a surprise, the black comedic crime drama, this fits right with Pauls black humour and ‘because he’s an eggplant’. (OSGs quote bot on hyperdrive tonight).


With such a diverse top 3 films, examining Pauls cross genre influences; his top 2 favourite TV series question was causing a mind drool in anticipation?

This is where we get back to twitter connecting likeminded people because I'm an old sci-fi geek myself”, Paul teased knowing that he was making OSG dance like Twi'lek at Jabbas’ Palace. “Star Trek - I love it all but, still think TOS is as good as TV gets”. ‘Wow you are an OSG’, the initial revelation was music to the ears, original series, OSG approves. So ‘swishing’ on to the second “Doctor Who - Tom Baker is my Doctor but again it’s a show that has a little bit of everything”. Excellent choice. They say you can tell a person by their Dr Who. A driven, yet eccentric Dr, Baker had a dark wit and ability to menace his enemies. Remind you of anyone? To compound this Paul reveals that his favourite actor was “Al Pacino - he's just mesmerising at times I find”, mesmerising is the right word, master of his craft is another one (or four). The choice of actor is a rounded summing up of what OSGR has revealed in this mans choices of entertainment.


With such a variety of influences, passions and drivers what could thread this together. Favourite Quote? In his enigmatic style Paul delivers a quote Pacino himself, if it wasn’t written by Dr Seuss, would of delivered in his ‘Scent of a Woman’ persona, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You”. The belief in oneself can only echo Paul’s own drive, or he just finds it catchy.


Finally – Paul what’s your favourite joke? “I'm saving that one for the next film”. Oooh the tease, like a set up for a sequel this master of the arts will leave you begging for more. Follow Paul @Paulmac708

Geek Out.

From the WastesDelving into the realms of Twitter the first interview goes to one of OSGRs first followers. Evan (from the wastes) a figurative traveller of what is considered to be a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Evan is a Sci-fi Geek from Montana and describes himself as “A post-apocalyptic Howard Wolowitz trapped in the body of a 46 year old balding fat guy”. Obviously he comes after the ‘Big Bang’ (pun inserted for comic effect… (no? = post apoca.l..p…t….ic .. big bang?.. no?) oh well). Moving on…


When delving into this wasted world Evan runs a successful Website, Facebook  and Twitter account. It was from the latter that OSGR met Evan and why he is a OSGR notable Tweet Peep. His straight talking & dry sense of humour make his tweets interesting. The encyclopaedic knowledge of apocalyptic writing, film and genre conveyed through his Tweets made him an ideal interviewee. This combined with Evan’s love of Sci-fi and penchant for Star Wars, meant he, was most definitely a worthy peep to follow and interview . When asked by OSGR to describe what interests him? Evan replied “Science fiction, predominately that of the apocalyptic nature. But I'll take robots and ray guns any day as well.” A love of Robots and Ray Guns was certainly not the answer expected. OSG thought he was more into sand, wind and hairy mutated beasts. So where does this love of the wasteland come from? Evan revealed that these interests are somewhat sidelined by “I love to read and spend as much time as I can doing so, when, I'm not watching Sci-fi television shows from my childhood” ahh. This left OSGRs thoughts drifting away to the heady days of Logan’s Run and Ark II (well Old is in the title).


So Evan why Twitter? Again a surprising answer (this guy is as predictable as an ion-radiation streaming dust storm), Evan reveals “This is actually kind of hilarious as I recently ‘quit’ Twitter (not the first time and probably not the last... God, I'm pathetic!)”. OSGR were a little shocked at this revelation; surely there was more to it than this? Leave Twitter? Where would our wasteland updates come from? Evan went on to say “What I like about Twitter is the fleetingness of it (is that a word? Feels like a word, but doesn't look like one...) anyway, I like how fleeting it is (there, that's better)”. This makes sense if you delve into the psyche of post apocalypse writing or film. They are littered with anti-hero’s who engage society in a fleeting yet needing way. The presumption is this is how Evan views Twitter, polar opposites of want and need. This want aspect is revealed by Evans final thoughts on Twitter – “I like the digital friendships I've made with folks as diverse as I'd ever imagine. Some of my best friends and I are on the complete opposite side of the political and/or theological fence, but we're able to band together under our love for science fiction. That's really kind of awesome, isn't it?” Yes it is my friend, yes it is. OSG have a feeling wasteland tweets are not going anywhere soon.


Evan what’s your favourite top 3 films? Seeing Evan in the minds eye pondering this thought… will it be.. The Postman? Again, this master of intrigue and blind-siding reveals a surprising top 3. “Star Wars '77 (not A New Hope, not Special Edition, just the plain, old theatrical release from 1977). Bladerunner. Book of Eli.”… No Postman, damn. The ‘Evan’ view of the Star Wars original gives a real insight into why he is a notable peep. The no-nonsense, don’t fix want ain’t broke, really shows in the measure of his tweets. This OSG moves into the ‘queen takes bishop’ bushwack question of this virtual interview to catch this master off guard. Top 2 TV series? “Babylon 5 and the original Twilight Zone”, (insert emoji shocked face!!), this guys a pro, a sideswipe of a question that should of revealed ‘The Walking Dead’, but, noooo he goes for the classics. Exposing a selection of TV, that is, a fest-i-val of drama, Sci-fi and mystery. Well as Meat Loaf once sang ‘I wasn’t expecting that!’. OSGR were really on the backfoot here and with trepidation they lay forth the final question in this set. Favourite actor? (.. let it be Denzil from Eli, Loved Denzil in Eli…) Boom its “Denzel Washington”. Faith and balance are restored and a fantastic choice made.


Jubilant, OSGR asked Evan what is his favourite quote “For it is the doom of men that they forget. - Merlin (Excalibur)”. (Insert drooling geek face emoji’s). This man is a sure connoisseur of the classics. ‘Excalibur’, the ride through the blossom wood still sends shivers. So what makes Evan Tick, what’s his greatest passion, a man driven to roam the wastes in a hermit like persona, shunning the twitterverse at a whim and bushwacking nosey Old Sci-fi Geek interviewers, … “My wife and children” .. (Perfect!) a resounding display of the complex guy Evan is. It demonstrates that his passions may be hard-edged and distant, but it’s the love of his family that makes him tick.


Finally Evan what’s your favourite Joke “Ask me if I'm an orange” (insert laughing so hard I might need the toilet emoji), OSG tips their dome and says thank you Evan. Please follow Evan on @FromTheWastes.

Geek Out.