Will Netflix have a Dredd mini-series?

Posted on 19th October, 2016


Will this become a reality? Dredd series on Netflix? According to Screenrant "You tube user Oliver Hollingdale pieced together an imagining of what an open credits sequence for a Dredd (bluray from Amazon) Netflix series might look like. Using shots from the 2012 film, as well as some police radio banter also from the film, Hollingdale has created a credits sequence that captures both the feel of Dredd and the feel of other Netflix series".  So will this become a reality? Hollingdale's fan-made video sure makes it feel like it should, 2000AD (Amazon) Old Geeks must be salivating at the thought of old Joe Dredd in his own series. So Fact or Reality OSGR had a bit of a look around the inter-web.


Despite the talk and reveals in May 2016 at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in Canada, where Karl Urban himself tweeted that he would do it and Christopher Evans tweeted that "Talks were happening" - (Tech Times May 2016).  This combined with the Rebellion "Bring back Dredd" campaign (that seems to target Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO) was, so far fuelling the proverbial Dredd afterburner. So far the bring back Dredd campaign has over 100.000 supporters. If this was a government poll we'd be debating it in Parliament.


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‚ÄčHowever since all this began there seems little talk recently about this happening.  In fact OSGR is wondering if this was all smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that there now seems to be a new rumour starting on the Dredd-a-ville. Apparently according to Cinemablend Dreads Creator Mr Wagner revealed when talking about the original Dredd film "the original script was quite a bit different from the film, as it would've explored the evil and bizarre Judge Death (@ Amazon) character".  Now this has ignited the inter-web and the Geekdom to explore a new Dredd movie with, yes you've guessed it, old bony face himself - Judge Death (I just hope that the bony face is better than the Skeletor mask in the Masters of the Universe wink wink)


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So where are we up to? No Netflix and rumours of Dredd 2.  The latest is that Fox have already turned down Dredd 2. According to Den of Geek, they report a quote (which came from Dredd’s creator, John Wagner in October 2016), "I wouldn’t mind seeing [a Judge Death movie]. That was actually the first script that Alex Garland did, a Judge Death script but Fox, who they were dealing with at the time, turned it down.".  So the proverbial Dredd-a-ville rolls on with us jogging on the top.  OSGR will continue to monitor the inter-web for any confirmed nuggets on old stoney face and his wisest for a tv or film sequel.  Geek out.

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