Blade 4 in the Making

Posted on 22nd October, 2016

According to Aifric O'Flannigan of Reck News Blade 4 is in the offering. To quote Recknews "Wesley Snipes has been pushing for return to the big screen as Blade for quite some time. Fans will be happy to hear Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed plans to release a sequel." Wesley Snipes has also been on Twitter pushing for a sequel.


Wesley Snipes Tweet


So is it on or not - Old Sci-Fi Geeks would like to know? Well according to Movie News "There was a persistent rumor that went around last year about Marvel planning to get Blade 4 under production." According to Screen Crush, Marvel even went as far as having a meeting with Wesley Snipes about it. Reports say that Blade 4 will focus more on Blade’s daughter continuing the work of her dad. However, no final plans have been made as it is still not in production and not even in the list of Marvel films that will be released until 2020.".  So likelihood - Average. In production - not yet. The Old Sci-Fi geeks need to hold their breath a little longer.  Follow Weseley to keep up to date with news. Geek Out.

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