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VipersYesterday we learned of a true Sci-fi legends passing. Richard Hatch passed away at the age of 71 years young. The loss felt by geeks of a certain age is profound. Let’s step back to 1979. The world was still reeling from the iconic film Star Wars and drooling in anticipation for part V. Every movie Production Company was scrambling to produce a Sci-fi movie en par with the Lucas masterpiece. There were lots of failures. However a young budding Sci-fi Geek was beginning to find their feet in this new wonder. Being of school age there were lots of things that interested this young padawan of the geekdom. Gods and Myths were peaking interest, fantasy worlds and heroes of the past were shaping this nubile mind. If only there was something that could weave this together in a tangible sci-fi world. In the summer of ‘79’ mythology and sci-fi met. The ancient Egyptian figures of Battlestar Galactica emerged onto the flickering screen.

Battlestar Galactica Poster

It was this TV Series that cemented the nubile mind of a young sci-fi geek, already shaped by the Lucas touch. Vipers, Cylons, pilots, aliens, a chase …. Baltar, all with helmets of the Pharaohs. The series created a world attached rather than detached from the world of flares, airplane collars and bubblegum. Not a distant galaxy but a tribe of earth space travellers detached from the rest of humanity. Some of the coolest ships seen since that first Star Destroyer rumbled across the screen. Amongst all this sat two of the coolest hero’s the young mind had seen. Dirk Benedict as the Solo-esk Starbuck and at the centre of it all Richard Hatch as the leader Apollo. Wow a real leader, not a farm boy, not a smuggler, but a real squadron leader. The Battle of Britain flew past the mind and the hook was cast.


Richard Hatch for this OSG was the favourite character. Han Solo fulfilled the playful scoundrel part of this young mind, but Richard as Apollo was the man OSG wanted to be. His strong, dependable and loyal character influenced many a young mind of this era. Sure friends clambered to be Starbuck on the playground, classroom bins were worn by those wanting to be Cylons, but OSG gave the orders as Apollo. The woosh as Apollo led the scabby kneed viper pilots out of the boys toilets (renamed Galactica) to engage the bucket headed Cylons in a two footed dogfight. Skating the tarmac kicking up stones as a sharp turn was made in the dance of viper against raider. ‘This was as good as Star Wars’ the heart cried. All this because of a central character that to the young mind was …. ‘brilliant’.


Richard had set the bar for real Sci-fi Heros, not even the saga from the top dog film franchise had such a man. Sure they had the best anti-hero, sure the best scoundrel, the best x wing but, they didn’t have Apollo. Since these heady times of the golden age of Sci-fi there are two things that spark the OSGs senses Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. They set the bar with cinema domination for one and TV domination for the other. It was the TV series that confirmed, Battlestar as a dominant force of Sci-fi. They really couldn’t of pulled this off without Richards’s character, which made you really feel for him. Viewers felt for Apollo, whether it was for the loss of his wife, his father figure to a motherless son or a man committed to the squadron he commanded. Star Wars didn’t really have a character like him. It was for this reason Galactica Stood apart from everything else and created an iconic Sci-fi character.


So with the sad news yesterday, may all those geeks of a certain age reflect on the man, the legend and the inspiration. Yes Richard was a busy man working until Pancreatic Cancer took him to the stars. He was a writer, actor, producer and supporter of the Fandom & Geekdom. His filmography is vast and his love of Galatica remained evident. OSG can talk about his career all night, but today it’s, as Apollo OSG wants to remember him. Thank you Richard, thank you for your influence, thank you for standing apart when all were trying to emulate and thank you for the scraped knee as that ‘wastebin headed cylon’ caught the heroic Apollo as they performed a sudden stop 180 degree turn. RIP Richard and keep those cylons on the run. Geek Out.

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5th November - V for Vendetta

Posted on 5th November, 2016

As the 5th of November draws upon us it only seems fitting to look at an old favourite. On its 10th Anniversary of its UK premier, OSGR felt it fitting to revisit this old friend and to analyse if it has become a cult offering in the Geekdom. There are many who didn't rate this film, however as Empire eloquently stated in their review in 2006


V Fauxian Mask"Setting out more to challenge us with its ideas than make us whoop at the action, Vendetta can be clumsy, but there are enough impressive flourishes to make up for its stumblings." Empire 2006


The films premiss is simple - In the near future - Britain has embraced a fascist, totalitarian state run by a supreme chancellor (reference to Star Wars accepted). The population is suppressed and lives in fear.  Secret Police, State Run Experiments and Local Militia are abound throughout Britain. "V" (Hugo Weaving) subverts the governmental oppression, and calls for a citizen revolt against the chancellors ideology and manic enforcement of these ideals. 


The films backdrop is one of bleak, dark and overt oppression. Weaving gives a stellar vocal performance as the "fauxian masked" title hero. Supporting cast can be a bit hit and miss and Natalie Portman as Evey gives an adequate performance, although the clumsy direction of her character has given her performance a lack of depth and plausibility.  However the Jail scene does give her a highlighted performance as we watch her heighten her resolve even in the face of death.

V for Vendetta Movie Poster

Has V for Vendetta stood the test of the last 10 years. Well HUB Pages in 2013 listed it in their top 10 cult classic films. They identified that the story and content was the rationale to give it such accolade. Screen Rant in 2016 have listed V as No 7 in there 15 Best Science Fiction Film Dystopia's of all time. Screen Rant Felt that V for Vendetta became hugely popular, while the Guy Fawkes mask worn by V has been embraced by the cyber-activist group Anonymous.  



OSGR conclude that 10yrs on the film V for Vendetta does earn its place in the Geekdom cult status.  Not only does it echo some of the more worrying trends in the politics and economy currently facing Britain, but also highlights the ease in which as a society election of a crazed zealot could be around the corner (and completed with a simple flick of a pencil).  


The majesty of the films cult status should be born from its context, costumes and the portrayal of V himself. Is it a cult film - well OSGR would put it in the top 20 list for sure.


The final words on this should go to V - "This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition." Amen to that Brother.  Geek out.

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Blade 4 in the Making

Posted on 22nd October, 2016

According to Aifric O'Flannigan of Reck News Blade 4 is in the offering. To quote Recknews "Wesley Snipes has been pushing for return to the big screen as Blade for quite some time. Fans will be happy to hear Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed plans to release a sequel." Wesley Snipes has also been on Twitter pushing for a sequel.


Wesley Snipes Tweet


So is it on or not - Old Sci-Fi Geeks would like to know? Well according to Movie News Guide.com "There was a persistent rumor that went around last year about Marvel planning to get Blade 4 under production." According to Screen Crush, Marvel even went as far as having a meeting with Wesley Snipes about it. Reports say that Blade 4 will focus more on Blade’s daughter continuing the work of her dad. However, no final plans have been made as it is still not in production and not even in the list of Marvel films that will be released until 2020.".  So likelihood - Average. In production - not yet. The Old Sci-Fi geeks need to hold their breath a little longer.  Follow Weseley to keep up to date with news. Geek Out.

Star Wars - Rogue One

Posted on 19th October, 2016

Where to start? So as this site is dedicated to Old Geeks everywhere, who have a ponchant for Sci-Fi it only seems fitting that the first article I write is about the up an coming film Rogue One. So am I excited - "Hell Yeh", Have I booked a day off work - "definitely". Whats so exciting .... "It's Star Wars!!!". We are simple fools who want to be entertained - so this is how this site will view the film and up and coming posts. No slamming, No hating, just gushing. Great word gushing it reminds me of an out pouring of love, which if you think about it is what being a Geek means, young or old, good or bad, our love of Sci-Fi keeps us sane.

IMDB describes the upcoming film storyline as - "Jyn Erso, a Rebellion soldier and criminal, is about to experience her biggest challenge yet when Mon Mothma sets her out on a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. With help from the Rebels, a master swordsman, and non-allied forces, Jyn will be in for something bigger than she thinks." - IMDB.

Vader is Back

In a nutshell this film sits between Revenge of the Sith and A new Hope (III and IV for those of us who love to talk in roman numerals).  So have you seen the trailer - No - well click on OGSR Geekdom to find it lurking in there. Justin Bolger from StarWars.com has listed nine things to get you excited from the trailer,  They are:-

  • A Battle-Hardened Saw Gerrera
  • Chirrut’s Faith
  • K2’s Charming Personality
  • The Death Star Closes In
  • X-wings!
  • TIE Intercepted
  • One Word: Vader
  • The Music
  • The Rise of Jyn Erso

Find his review of the trailer at StarWars.com.


I can see why he is excited, the mix of clone wars, book characters and original plot line must make an old Sci-fi geek gush (ahh there it is - gush).  What more can you ask for, Vader - I say again Vader! Its all you need to know to get your tickets booked. Oh and stormtroopers - yes original troopers, its enough to make three-pio blow a gasket.  So here we go let the countdown begin and let the inner child out.  Geek out.




Need to get up to date? Read The Star Wars Reports Blog on getting up to speed on www.starwarsreport.com Trust me you won't regret it. 


So hang on from the new Trailer Jyn's father is the death star designer!!! Well this is going to be interesting. Did you see the X-Wing battle, my geek juices are gushing.  Geek out.