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It started in the 70s.  Summers spent at the park, seeing who can get the highest on the swings and climbing the moonframe to the top then waiting to see who can knock you off.  It was summers of scratched knees, dirty faces and frog catching. Then one fateful day there was a new film out - it was called Star Wars. Having seen Flash Gordon on summer holiday TV - the only sci-fi reference available  - to a seventies child this new film didn't seem impressive, like Flash G the ships will be held up with string and the sets would shake - we would have staked our Panini sticker collection on it. So why did this film look different, we were curious. So with popcorn in hand and no real anticipation, seats were taken at the local flea pit. Scratching the latest scrape on their knees the children watched as the red moth eaten curtains opened, there was a pause .... then .... WHAM! .... up scrolled the star wars crawl,  boom went the John Williams startling opening theme and the theatre rocked as the Alderaanian Tantive IV was being chased by an Imperial Star Destroyer over head. The popcorn dropped from a gaping mouth into a frozen lap .... eyes were transfixed to the screen .... the children were changed forever .... the adventure into Sci-Fi and Fantasy began.


This is where this site started from.  Since that first encounter Sci-Fi children became teenage geeks, adult geeks and then old geeks - well middle aged geeks.  That first glimpse of the proverbial sci-fi Narnia was enough to create a geek of us all.  This site is dedicated to that first glimpse. From Star Wars to Star Trek, from Tolkien to Pratchett to Martin and Marvel to DC - all have influenced us, touched us or transfixed through the last 40 years.  We have seen it all - the good, the bad and the ugly. 


‚ÄčThis site isn't the Razzie's, this isn't a point & scowl site, this is a geek site. "Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one (Sir Terry Pratchett)". This site has one focus - even the bad is good at some point.  Look at Bladerunner, Watchmen & V for Vendetta all had their critics. But us old geeks watched them, commented on them and for some embraced them for what they are - Sci-Fi.  Everything connected to this genre has built it, stunning visuals, escapism, storylines to envelope you and even a stormtrooper banging his head. This is our genre and good or bad we love it.


So if your a young or old geek please enjoy the ramblings and posts this site brings.  Please don't be to harsh if commenting on blogs, posts or reviews.  We are the Star Trek generation - we are all equal and all entitled to our view - we don't need to belittle each other lets leave that for others.  Geek out. 


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As a genius, who had an influence on a lot of lives, once said "Dickens, as you know, never got round to starting his home page" - well we are no Dickens - but we do have an home page - Thank you Sir Terry P. Geek Out.

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