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Our October Tweet Peep is the glorious Eva Byzio. Please head over to the Tweet Peep Page to learn about this truly glorious gem of Twitter.

Unusual Geekendise - Star Wars 2017 Lego Advent Calender  - Amazon

Star Wars 2017 Lego Advent Calender

October means at OSGR we are getting ready for the festive season. In preperation we are bringing Star Wars 2017 Lego Advent Calender from Amazon.


Head over to Amazon to find a must have Advent Calender with:


24 different LEGO Star Wars themed gifts.

Features seven minifigures plus a fun holiday-themed figure.

Vehicles include The Ghost, The Phantom, Stormtrooper transport, Rey's speeder, Millennium Falcon, Snowspeeder, Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle, Y-wing, TIE Striker, Hovertank, AT-ST, blaster cannon, snow blower and a sled with boosters.

Weapons include three blaster pistols and two blasters.

Accessory elements include a wrench and a crowbar.

OSGR Festive Finds
Only days until
The Last Jedi
The Last Jedi (IMDB)
Only days until
Black Panther
Black Panther Poster (from IMDB)

Geekendise of The Month - Still Loving - Funko Pop. Check these guys out.  Click on the banner below to see what these Peddlers of Geekendise have to offer. Geek Out.